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Fry’s Electronics is dead, and the Apple store helped kill it


The Fry's Electronics in Burbank, California, had a retro alien invasion theme.
The alien invasion theme of the Fry's in Burbank, California, looks sadly appropriate now.
Photo: Theron Trowbridge/Flickr CC

Fry’s Electronics, a brick-and-mortar retailer and Silicon Valley institution since the mid-1980s, has shut its doors. And, while it might be hyperbolic to say Apple killed the quirky electronics superstore, Cupertino certainly hammered a nail or three in Fry’s coffin.

The chain — which stocked a sprawling selection of TVs, stereos and other electronics alongside computer components, DVDs, groceries and less-savory items — became a go-to for geeks as personal computers took off.

But even with crazy themed stores that made it the “Walt Disney World of electronics stores,” Fry’s couldn’t compete in the sleek new retail world Apple created.

How to turn off Activation Lock when selling your Apple device


How to turn off Activation Lock when selling your Apple device
Activation Lock prevents anyone else from taking over your Apple device. Here’s how to turn it off.
Graphic: Cult of Mac

When you sell an iPhone, Mac or other Apple computer, it’s critical to turn off Activation Lock or else the buyer won‘t be able to use the device. It’s easy to do when you still have the product, and not that much harder if you’ve already sold it.

Here’s what you need to know to prevent problems.

5 ways Apple car could change the way we think about automobiles


Could Apple reinvent the car as we know it?
Could Apple reinvent the car as we know it?
Photo: Austrian National Library/Unsplash CC

Apple’s rumored electric vehicle could be just a nice luxury item that appeals to Apple fans with a lot of disposable income, similar to the HomePod or AirPods Max — but far more expensive. Or it could alter the automotive experience in a far more profound, Apple-esque manner.

I’d bet on the latter option. Apple doesn’t do things by halves. Steve Jobs famously stated that he wanted to build a personal computer that would put a ding in the universe. The iPhone, Apple Stores, the Apple Watch, iTunes and the App Store — those all changed the way that we use technology on a regular basis. They solved a bigger problem than just giving us a nice, Apple-branded version of an existing product to play with.

If Apple makes a car, it will likely remake the way we think about cars. Here are five ways Cupertino could do that.

Cupertino poaches Porsche chassis expert for Apple car


The Apple Car could be partially designed by a man who designed this Porsche.
A man who helped design this Porsche is allegedly now working on the Apple Car.
Photo: Porsche

Apple reportedly hired Manfred Harrer for its top-secret self-driving vehicle project. It’s a telling move because Harrer previously was head of chassis development at Porsche. This is a clear sign that the Mac-maker is planning an Apple car, not simply an autonomous vehicle system to be licensed to automakers.

Apple tests fix for Bluetooth fault afflicting Apple Silicon Macs


macOS 11.2 is right around the corner.
macOS Big Sur might take care of a pesky Bluetooth problem bothering M1 Mac users.
Graphic: Cult of Mac

Apple seeded a macOS Big Sur‌ 11.2 release candidate to developers on Thursday. Among other changes, it promises to improve Bluetooth reliability, which is probably music to the ears of those using the recently released Macs built around Apple’s first-generation M-series processor.

Apple plans the iMac redesign we’ve been dreaming of


Apple plans the 2021 iMac redesign we’ve been dreaming of
The 2021 iMac could dump the huge screen bezels of the current version. And move to Apple Silicon.
Concept: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The iMac is about to get the dramatic redesign so many people have been hoping for, according to a highly reliable source. Smaller bezels and an M-series processor are highlights.

Apple is also reportedly planning a significant redesign of the Mac Pro desktop.

Hyundai confirms it talked with Apple about car projects


An Apple Car is supposedly in development, though it probably won‘t look anything like this.
Apple Car could be a collaboration between Apple and another carmaker.
Graphic: hatzfeld/Pixabay CC/Cult of Mac

Hyundai confirmed Thursday that it engaged in talks with Apple, lending more credibility to the possibility of an Apple Car co-developed with an established automotive company.

A spokesperson for Hyundai Motors provided the confirmation (which also mentioned Apple speaking with a “variety of global automakers”) to CNBC. The statement followed a report from Korean website Hankyung that claimed Apple was working with Hyundai on both the car and battery technology to power it.

New features that absolutely should be in iPadOS 15 [Opinion]


iPadOS 14 is good but iPadOS 15 just needs some new features to even better.
It’s not too soon to start an iPadOS 15 wishlist.
Concept: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple’s developers are surely already thinking about iPadOS 15, and will almost certainly unveil it in June 2021. Considering iPadOS 14 was thin on exciting new features, it’s easy to look ahead. Here are some suggestions from a heavy iPad user of what the devs should have on their to-do list.

Float your iPad Pro above your keyboard with the amazing Moft Float [Review]


Moft Float review
Moft Float adds a dual-hinge stand to an iPad, giving it a huge range of viewing options.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Moft Float adds a two-level kickstand to your iPad Pro or iPad Air, and can even lift the tablet so it seems to float over the keyboard. This combination case and stand is a truly brilliant piece of kit.

I’ve been testing this not-yet-released product, and here’s what it’s like to use every day.