iPhone 12 dummy vids and packaging leak get us stoked for the future


These iPhone 12 dummy units show what the real handset might look like.
As these iPhone 12 dummy units show, Apple’s 2020 handset is expected in a wide range of sizes.
Photo: Marques Brownlee

iPhone 12 dummy models supposedly show how this upcoming handset will look in various sizes. Reliable leaker Marques Brownlee got his hands on some, and videoed them in action.

Meanwhile, a separate report claims to show the packaging of the iPhone 12, adding weight to rumors that this handset won’t come with a wall charger.

Hands on with iPhone 12 dummy vids

Although Apple is months away from unwilling the 2020 iPhone, details have been leaking out for much of 2020. The launch is close enough that mockups are starting to appear, including the trio that star in Brownlee’s new video.

Watch it now:

He got his hands on iPhone 12 dummy units with screens that he says measure approximately 5.4 inches, 6.2 inches and 6.7 inches. Previous rumors pointed to displays generally that size.

In the video, Brownlee shows off devices with the flat edges that are also the subject of previous unconfirmed reports. These make the 2020 iPhone resemble a miniature iPad Pro.

Speaking of Apple’s latest tablet, persistent rumors suggest that its Lidar 3D scanner also will appear in Apple’s top-tier 2020 iPhones, making them ideal for augmented reality. However, none of Brownlee’s iPhone 12 dummy units show a Lidar sensor. Only time will tell if his units are incorrect, or the previous rumors are wrong.

No wall charger

Trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted last month that the 2020 iPhone won‘t come with the standard wall charger. On Tuesday, a supposed CAD drawing of the iPhone 12 packaging leaked out, showing no room for this accessory.

Leaked iPhone 12 packaging suggests no charger.
If this really is part of the packaging for the iPhone 12, there’ll be charger in the box.
Photo: ConceptsiPhone

There’s space for a charging cable and some documentation, but not a charger. It’s allegedly being omitted to decrease the cost of production, enabling Apple to ask the same prices for the 2020 iPhone models as it does for the 2019 ones. That despite significant new features, including 5G.

The source of this leaked image, Ran Avni from ConceptsiPhone, claims it comes from a reliable source.