How to save all open tabs to a folder in iOS 13 Safari


Safari's new download manager in iOS 13.
Safari is full of new tricks in iPadOS.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

If you currently use a third-party bookmark manager, you might be able to ditch it when you upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 13. The main new feature is that you can now save all your open tabs into a bookmark folder, then reopen all the links in that folder with one tap. But that’s not all. Thanks to iPadOS’ new contextual menus, the built-in bookmarks got way easier to use.

Apple Park is one of Earth’s most valuable buildings


Blind survey
Want to buy Apple Park? It'll cost you in the vicinity of $4.17 billion.
Photo: Duncan Sinfield

Apple Park is one of the most impressive corporate headquarters in the world — and that don’t come cheap.

In fact, it’s one of the most valuable buildings on Earth. A recent assessment for property tax by Santa Clara County lists Apple’s circular HQ at $3.6 billion. This is based on a detailed appraisal of the building. Including its contents, it’s valued at $4.17 billion.

26 flaming MacBooks prompted Apple recall


2015 MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina
Your 2015 MacBook Pro could qualify for a free battery replacement. And the bad news is...
Photo: Apple

Apple recalled 15-inch MacBook Pros from 2015, and we now know this is based on just a couple of dozen incidents, none serious.

Still, everyone with an affected unit should bring it in for service, especially as this includes a free battery replacement.

Everything you need to know about external hard drives and iPadOS


Hook up any and all USB storage devices to your iPad.
Hook up any and all USB storage devices to your iPad.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

External storage support is one of the best new features in iPadOS. Even if you opted for the maximum iPad Pro storage capacity, you may often want to grab some movies from a hard drive, or save some songs and photos to a thumb drive to hand to a friend.

But how exactly does external storage work in iOS? Can you drag files between connected volumes? Can you even mount more than one drive at once? What about FAT32? Or HFS Plus? And do you have to eject them? Let’s find out.

tvOS 13 positions Apple TV as a real gaming console


WWDC 2019 tvOS 13
Apple wants to be a big player to gamers.
Screenshot: Apple

WWDC 2019 bug Apple promised support for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game controllers when it releases a redesigned tvOS this fall.

CEO Tim Cook said Apple TV will be more “entertaining and personal” as he unveiled changes to the company’s video ecosystem Monday during the Worldwide Developers Conference.

At launch, tvOS 13 will also include full-screen previews of shows and individualized support for each person in the household to build their own lists of shows, movies and even Apple Music.

How to download and watch offline in the new Apple TV app


The new TV app is better, and worse.
The new TV app is better, and worse.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Apple’s new TV app, available pretty much everywhere with iOS 12.3, lets you subscribe to TV and movie channels, as well as renting films and shows direct from Apple. The bad news is that, if you only want to watch your own sideloaded videos, the app is worse than the old Videos app. But if you subscribe to channels, or would like to, then TV is a fantastic way to consolidate all that entertainment.

And guess what? It’s even useful when you’re traveling or commuting. Today we’ll see how to download and watch TV shows and movies offline.

This battle-tough backpack looks killer, too [Review]


Thule Crossover 2 backpack
Ready for the world, the Thule Crossover 2 backpack.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

If you’re going to be seen carrying the same bag every day, its look and style are as important to many commuters as the bag’s ability to protect its contents.

Many shoulder bags and backpacks excel in one area and underwhelm in the other. Not the 20L Thule Crossover 2 backpack. It can be reviewed with just two words — ruggedly handsome.

Will Chris Hemsworth’s new fitness app get you ripped like Thor? [Review]


Centr is a new fitness app by Avengers star Chris Hemsworth
Centr is a new fitness app by Avengers star Chris Hemsworth.
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

I’m a big Chris Hemsworth fan. The guy is walking workout inspiration. I spend hours at the gym hoping that one day I’ll achieve Thor-style arms. But so far, no luck.

That’s why Centr, Hemsworth’s new fitness app, immediately caught my interest. I was intrigued to learn the secrets of the training regimen that keeps him looking like a superhero. So I eagerly downloaded the app, hoping it would help transform my puny arms into guns worthy of Thor.