Make your own iPhone Safari download manager with Shortcuts


Who doesn’t enjoy a well-managed download?
Who doesn’t enjoy a well-managed download?
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

One of the biggest shortcomings of mobile Safari is downloading files. It’ll do it just fine, but it loads everything as if it were a web page. PDFs, ZIPs, MP3s: They all get loaded right there into the current page, whereupon you have to use the Open In… feature to save the file.

Perhaps even worse — you don’t have any idea how long the download is going to take. All you have to go on is the loading progress bar up in the URL bar, which creeps along and really only offers two states: “not done yet” and “done.”

Today we will fix that by whipping up a download manager using the Shortcuts app. Let’s go.

How to create Dropbox-style links in iCloud Drive


Cloud storage.
Cloud storage.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

If you keep your stuff in Dropbox, it’s easy to grab a link to a file or a folder. Then you can send that link to another person or store it in, say, your to-do list so you can quickly open it with a click. You can even grab the link inside the iOS Files app.

But if you use iCloud, this simple task is no longer simple. In typical Apple style, a clean UI comes at the expense of hiding almost everything behind multiple taps and cryptic pop-up boxes. But all is not lost. You can actually grab a link to any file stored in your iCloud Drive — and use it in any app you please.

Lightweight iPad Pro folio won’t drain your wallet [Review]


EasyAcc Ultra Slim Folio Case with 12.9 iPad Pro
EasyAcc’s Ultra Slim Folio Case is very inexpensive but functional.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Anyone who choked at the $99 pricetag on the Apple Smart Folio cover for the latest iPad Pro should consider EasyAcc’s rival. This is slim and light, and costs less than half what Apple’s does.

We put this budget folio case through weeks of daily use and bring you our findings.

Easily share your wireless network with Wifi Porter [Review]


Wifi Porter uses NFC to easily transfer your wireless network’s login details to smartphones.
Wifi Porter uses NFC to transfer your wireless network’s login details to smartphones.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Wifi Porter takes the hassle out of letting friends or guests access your wireless network. Just tap this accessory from Ten One Design with your iPhone or Android device and the login details will be transferred. 

The hardware is attractive, and it’s certainly a unique idea, but Apple’s implementation of NFC creates some hassles for iPhone users.

Best Valentine’s Day gifts for Apple fans [Gift Guide]


Valentine’s Day gift guide 2019
Gifts that are guaranteed to bring a smile.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching, which means it’s time to start shopping for that special someone in your life. If they’re a fan of Apple products and awesome gadgets to go with them, Cult of Mac is here to help.

Our Valentine’s Day gift guide is full of great gift ideas that are guaranteed to put a smile on their face. We have beautiful books about Apple’s most iconic devices, the coolest cushions and T-shirts, and must-have accessories.

No matter what your budget, you’ll find something they’ll love almost as much as you. (Maybe even more?)

Sell your old Apple devices and get paid fast!


Apple gadgets
Trade in your old Apple gadgets and get a cheap upgrade.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Don’t miss out on cheap Apple devices in the post-holiday sales.

You can save a pretty penny on a sweet upgrade, whether you need a new iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac — and we’ll help you get the money you deserve for your old gear.

Cult of Mac typically pays more than other trade-in services for aging Apple gadgets, and we won’t leave you waiting weeks for your cash.

Dodocase Two Tone turns your iPad into an old-school notebook [Review]


Dodocase Two Tone looks right at home in a classroom or coffeeshop.
Dodocase Two Tone looks right at home in a classroom or coffeeshop.
Photo: Dodocase

The Dodocase Two Tone brings a retro look to iPad or iPad Pro. You could almost write “Trig” on the cover in Magic Marker and feel like you’re in high school again.

And this case is very lightweight while still doing double duty as a stand. There’s even an Apple Pencil holder.

The Dodocase Two Tone is available for a wide range of iOS tablets, including the 2018 iPad Pro models.  Prices start at $64.95.

This app turns your iPhone into a personal trainer [Review]


Aaptiv app at the gym for a spin
Aaptiv offers more than 2,500 audio-guided workouts to keep you motivated and moving.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Getting in shape takes time and motivation. Whether you’re trying to get fit, lose weight, or train for your next race, having the right tool can help you get the most out of each workout.

For some people, hitting the gym a couple times each week is all they need. For others, they need something to offer that extra push. Aaptiv is the trainer you need, right where it matters most.

Bento box-inspired case stores all your new gear in style


Running out of storage space to take all your Apple accessories on the road? The crowdfunded BentoStack solves your storage problems with a compact, multi-compartment storage solution.
Photo: Wiplabs

So you made quite a haul during the holidays, now where are you going to store all your new gear?

Japanese Bento boxes are synonymous with convenience, and have many designated compartments to hold and carry a variety of foods — all in one spot. Wiplabs has taken this centuries-old idea forward with the BentoStack, an all-in-one container for organizing all your Apple accessories.

Launched on June 1st, the BentoStack is Wiplabs’ latest crowdfunded product to reach the masses. The ultra-compact design will keep up to 10 Apple essentials organized — Bento box style!