New entry-level AirPods could hit store shelves this summer


AirPods Pro Lite might look like Apple’s high-end wireless earbuds, or the basic AirPods.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple’s next AirPods go into production very soon, according to an unconfirmed report coming out of Asia. These are the wireless headphones that are typically referred to as AirPods Pro Lite, though they are unlikely to have that name when released.

This shortcut mutes iPhone audio when you enter Do Not Disturb


mute audio orange speaker
Photo: Oleg Laptev/Unsplash

The Do Not Disturb mode built into iOS is excellent. It hides incoming alerts, and generally stops you from being disturbed by outside forces. But it won’t save you from yourself. What if you accidentally click on a YouTube link or — more likely — that GIF you clicked in Tweetbot turns out to be a noisy video? The sudden racket will surely wake your spouse.

Today we’ll see how to make a shortcut that automatically silences your iPhone whenever it enters Do Not Disturb mode.

Pro colorist pans Apple Pro Display with science and one-liners


YouTuber Vincent Teoh reviews Apple Pro Display
World's best pro display? Vincent Teoh says not so much.
Screenshot: Vincent Teoh/YouTube

Professional colorist and YouTube HDTV reviewer Vincent Teoh says he cannot recommend Apple’s $5,000 Pro Display XDR to creatives who do commercial color grading.

But the pricey monitor’s “beautiful design will look good in the office of a divorce lawyer,” Teoh says.

iPhone-maker shuts down Shenzhen facilities amid coronavirus crisis


Foxconn Wisconsin
Foxconn workers in Shenzhen will not report next week until further notice.
Photo: Foxconn

The Chinese company that assembles most of the world’s iPhones has ordered employees in one region of the country not to return to work next week to prevent further spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Foxconn sent text messages to Shenzhen-based employees that those sites will remain closed until further notice. While Foxconn’s main iPhone factory is in Zhengzhou, a portion is assembled in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is also the headquarters for Foxconn’s parent company, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.

How to use scroll-bar scrubbing on iPadOS and iOS 13


scroll-bar scrubbing
Get ready for scroll-bar scrubbing.
Photo: Cult of Mac

We all know how to scroll through long documents or lists on iOS, right? You swipe on the screen, and then keep doing it, over and over, as fast as possible, like some kind of maniac. And, at some point in the future, you will probably arrive at the other end of the list. Scrolling to the very top is easy — just touch the top of the screen. But in iOS 13, you can grab the scroll bar that appears on the right side of the screen, and use it to navigate.

This is a really, really useful feature. Here’s how it works.

Share your music with other AirPods, wirelessly


AirPods sharing
Things are about to get romantic.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

If you and a friend both have AirPods or Beats headphones, you can share audio coming from a single iPhone or iPad. This is great for listening to the same music track or podcast, or — most useful I reckon — watching a movie together. Apple makes it really easy for you to share your audio stream with someone else. In fact, you could say it’s easier than doing it the old way, because A) there are no wires to get tangled and B) there’s no splitter adapter to lose.

Here’s how to set up audio sharing on AirPods.

How to get replacement AirPods Pro tips from Apple


AirPods pro tips
None of these tips will fit the AirPods Pro.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Apple’s AirPods Pro are just fantastic, especially if you hack them to fit your ears even better. But those interchangeable silicone tips are just one (or two) more thing to lose, or to break. The good news is, Apple will sell you replacement silicone tips for your AirPods Pro. The bad news is, you can’t just order them up from the Apple Store, or from Amazon.

Colgate and Oral-B smart toothbrushes talk to your iPhone for better brushing


Oral-B iO smart toothbrush has a redesigned brush head.
A redesigned brush head on the Oral-B iO is just one of its improvements.
Photo: Proctor & Gamble

CES 2020It’s easy to mock smart toothbrushes, but most people don’t have very good dental hygiene. High-tech solutions like Colgate’s Plaqless Pro or Oral-B iO might be able to help by giving users feedback with an iPhone application.

Both toothbrushes were honored at CES 2020, with Colgate’s even earning the Best of Innovation award for Health and Beauty.

Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie is coming to Netflix


Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie is coming to Netflix
Fassbender played Steve Jobs in this star-studded biopic.
Photo: François Duhamel/Universal Studios

If you missed Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs biopic, there’s some good news: The Oscar-nominated movie is coming to Netflix.

The movie, which came out in 2015, is an adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s bajillion copy-selling 2012 biography of Steve. It stars Michael Fassbender as the mercurial Apple co-founder and former CEO.