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New WD drive puts terabytes in the palm of your hand


Western Digital My Passport for Macs
Back it up! The new Western Digital My Passport for Macs holds 4 terabytes.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

The best work I ever did as a photographer resides in a collection of Western Digital external hard drives that are stored in an old, large camera bag in my closet. The images span more than a decade and with any one of the WD My Passport drives, I can confidently plug one in and quickly find some black-and-white relic of my past.

You can see the progress of time in the pictures (clothes and hair styles) as well as in the design and sizes of the WD drives. Each year, the drives offered more storage space in the same basic compact housing.

So I was astonished a couple of weeks back when the UPS driver dropped off a WD My Passport sized just a little bigger than a deck of cards — with a whopping 4 terabytes of storage.

Western Digital Packs 2TB Into A Pocket-Sized Hard Drive


WD My Passport Drives, now with 2TB inside
WD My Passport Drives, now with 2TB inside

Your MacBook Air might be the fastest, lightest, portable-est Mac you ever owned, but it is likely also one of the most storage-deficient Macs you have ever owned, in modern times at least. That will all be solved when bus-powered Thunderbolt drives start to show up, but in the meantime, take a look at Western Digital’s new 2TB My Passport USB drives.