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I want a folding iPhone and I want it now


Why should Android users have all the folding fun?
Why should Android users have all the folding fun?
Photo: Mika Baumeister/Unsplash CC

If you’ve been paying attention to cutting-edge smartphones, you probably noticed a trend — foldable screens. And while folding phones might seem gimmicky, I think they present the perfect solution to a market-inflicted problem.

Unfortunately, while Apple is reportedly working on folding iPhone prototypes, the latest report suggests it we might wait nearly three more years for Cupertino’s first crack at such a device.

That’s way too long when the Android market is pressing forward fast. Please, Apple, don’t make us wait for a folding iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip looks more compelling than Galaxy Fold ever did


Z flip
All the Z Flip details have been revealed ahead of its launch.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung is already putting out commercials for its new foldable phone before the device has even been announced.

With a big event scheduled in San Francisco tomorrow, Samsung ran a teaser ad for its new smartphone during the Oscars last night and we have to admit, this thing actually looks pretty neat.

Take a look at this futuristic clamshell: