When Copyright Gets In The Way, Morning Becomes Midnight


This name change brought to you by the letter
This name change brought to you by the letter "M."

We’ve been trumpeting the tale of a fantastic game in development from the all-star team at Industrial Toys for a while now. Titled Morning Star, it had some serious pedigree and promise.

A sci-fi themed first-person shooter from Alex Seropian, the dude that co-created Bungie (Marathon, Halo) is huge news in the first place. A game that includes author John Scalzi and artist Mike Choi among many other hugely talented folks that will launch exclusively on mobile? That’s ginormous news.

Color us fascinated when President Tim Harris penned a blog post on gaming site Gamasutra about why the team had to rename the game, and how they went about it. It’s a super interesting behind-the-scenes look at the very real business side of game development, and it’s worth a look.

Sneak Peek At Morning Star Alpha: A Graphic Novel That Ties Into Upcoming iPad FPS Game



The folks at Industrial Toys have been busy. Their upcoming scifi first-person-shooter game continues to garner advance praise and anticipation from everyone, with good reason. The CEO of Industrial Toys is none other than Bungie (Halo) co-founder, Alex Seropian, and the team is an all-star cast of amazing talent working together to bring a core gaming experience to iPads this summer (we hope).

With all of that work in progress, the team somehow found time to make a brand new, amazing interactive graphic novel that contains not only the backstory to the game, but a ton of choices to make and characters to meet. These choices, and which characters you befriend, will have lasting effects in the actual game when it comes out later this season.

Pretty slick stuff, but the best part? This graphic novel is written by none other than John Scalzi (Old Man’s War, Redshirts) and illustrated by Mike Choi (Marvel Comics). You really need to check this thing out.