Controversial Art Show Comes To Steve Jobs’ Home Town


Artists Michael Tompert and Paul Fairchild, creators of 12LVE.

A controversial art show featuring photographs of destroyed Apple products is coming to Steve Jobs’ home town this weekend.

Featuring 12 ultra high-resolution digital prints of bullet-riddled MacBooks and blowtorched iPads, the 12LVE exhibit opens Sunday in Palo Alto.

No word on whether Jobs plans to attend the three-month show. “I am not sure whether he’s even aware of the show opening in Palo Alto,” said Tompert. “But who knows.”

Check out all 12 photos here: What Happens When You Shoot A MacBook, And Other Pictures

The opening reception is Sunday, December 12, from 3 to 9 pm at “WhiteSpace” gallery in Town & Country Village in Palo Alto (855 El Camino Real).

Here’s a preview of what what the gallery will look like:

What Happens When You Shoot A MacBook, And Other Pictures


Feast your eyes on this beautiful gallery of Apple products destroyed in the name of art. The work is by artist Michael Tompert, whose show opens tonight in San Francisco. But you don’t have to be in California to enjoy the pictures. We have all 12 prints — plus detail shots — in the gallery below.

The photo above, called “Breathe,” shows a 2008 MacBook Air shot with a 9mm Heckler & Koch handgun.