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This minimalist setup packs more than meets the eye [Setups]


MacBook Setup: The Pro Display XDR delivers crystal-clear quality.
The Pro Display XDR delivers crystal-clear quality.
Photo: @Canoopsy/Twitter

At the beginning of the year, the owner of this striking setup decided to start from scratch. He abandoned his two-monitor config and went with something more minimal — the impeccable $6,000, 32-inch Apple Pro Display XDR. Thats why, for him, scaling down to one monitor is actually an upgrade.

Matias Wired Aluminum Keyboard improves on the Apple original


Matias Wired Aluminum Keyboard
Wires make more sense than Bluetooth on the desktop.
Photo: Matias

If you want a wired Apple keyboard, you’re out of luck. The only Apple-made options for your Mac are the Magic Keyboard and the Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, both of which connect via Bluetooth. Soon, though, excellent Mac keyboard maker Matias will sell you a replacement — the Matias Wired Aluminum Keyboard. And not only that, it beats out the Apple original in one key way.

Clickety keyboard without the clack is perfect for stealth missions


Beautiful and functional. And no frikkin wires. Photo Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac
The Matias Secure Pro is beautiful and functional. And no frikkin' wires. Photos: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

If you like mechanical keyboards, but those inconsiderate jerks in your office or home can’t stand the clackety racket they make, then you might consider something that uses “tactile” keys instead, which look and work like clicky keys — only without the click.

And if you’re into wireless keyboards, but you don’t like the NSA van parked outside snooping the connection and recording your keystrokes, you might like something with an encrypted wireless connection.

Well, guess what? We have just the thing. The Matias Secure Pro, a tactile keyboard with 128-bit AES Encryption.

Matias Quiet Pro, A Clicky Keyboard, Without The Clack



Matias, maker of clicky, mechanical-switch keyboards, has spent the last two years perfecting a new clicky mechanical keyboard switch. The twist? It’s almost silent. If you want the feel of a proper, burglar-killing keyboard but love the (lack of) sound of your modern, slimline notebook keyboard, then this $150 monster might be just the ticket. It’s called — fittingly — the Quiet Pro.