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Ready for your close-ups? See the Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge winners.


“Hidden Gem” (water bead in leaf) by Jirasak Panpiansin (@joez19). Shot on iPhone 13 Pro Max.
“Hidden Gem” (water bead in leaf) by Jirasak Panpiansin (@joez19). Shot on iPhone 13 Pro Max.
Photo: Apple

Apple unveiled its top 10 extreme-close-up photo selections Wednesday from the Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge, in which photographers from all over the world submitted epic miniatures over several weeks starting January 25.

All the shooters used iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max to take their pics. Photographers hailed from China, Hungary, India, Italy, Spain, Thailand and the U.S. Apple plans to feature their images on apple.com, on Instagram (@apple) and on billboards in select cities.

Check out the stunning shots — captured with iPhone’s most-advanced cameras ever — below.

Halide camera app improves iPhone 13 Pro macro shots


Halide 2.5 update improves images from iPhone 13 Pro macro camera
Take better macro images with the iPhone 13 Pro and a new Halide 2.5 update.
Photo: Lux Optics/Cult of Mac

A just-released update to Halide helps iPhone and iPad owners take better close-up images. The iOS application works with the macro camera in the iPhone 13 Pro series, but also offers tools that can help any phone or tablet user with close-in pictures.

This is in addition to Halide Mark II 2.5’s many other features that give more control over the cameras built into iPhone and iPad than are available in Apple’s own application.

These stunning macro photos will sell you on iPhone 13 Pro


These stunning macro photos will sell you on iPhone 13 Pro
The Cult of Mac managing editor, not a professional photographer, took this beautiful picture.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

Among the many new camera features in the iPhone 13 Pro is Macro mode. This allows the user to take very close-up images, putting the focus on tiny objects.

Many users of Apple’s latest top-tier handsets have been quick to try out this new capability. And some of the results are spectacular. Check them out now, and be prepared to be wowed.

Creative hack gives you stunning iPhone macro shots


Paul Adshead
Making a macro lens is easy. Shooting with it is another story.
Photo: Paul Adshead/Fstoppers

Commercial photographer Paul Adshead could have spent a few bucks for a macro lens attachment for his iPhone. Instead, a MacGyver-type of a hack gave him a lens and ethereal macro photos that seem achievable with only a high-powered microscope.

Feeling adventurous and uninspired by his smartphone photos, Adshead harvested an internal lens from a 1990s-era CD drive and, with a little tack-it putty, affixed it to his iPhone.

This 1000X microscope connects straight to your computer [Deals]


This USB-connected microscope lets you get up close and personal with any object.
This USB-connected microscope lets you get up close and personal with any object.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Digital cameras sure have come a long way, but they’re limited by the realities of glass and plastic. So if you want to capture far-off subjects, you need a telephoto lens. If you want to photograph something close up, you get a macro lens.

If you want to get really close, you want a microscope.

Shoot Epic iPhoneography With The Phocus 3 Lens Plus Bundle [Deals]



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Take Better Photos With The Ultimate iPhone Photographer’s Lens Kit [Deals]



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The Universal Lens Kit: The Essential Bundle For All Phones [Deals]



There’s nothing better than capturing moments as they happen during the holidays season. While your phone’s camera will do a pretty good job of that, wouldn’t it be better if you had a choice of lenses to add some depth and variety to your photos? This Cult of Mac Deals offer bundles three lenses into one package so you cant broaden your artistic range.

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