Empower Yourself With The Ultimate OS X Mountain Lion Server Course [Deals]


CoM - ML Server

Want to harness the power and flexibility of Apple’s Mountain Lion Server? Whether you are setting it up for a school, home network or business, with this Cult of Mac Deals offer you will learn the most effective way to use everything Apple’s Mountain Lion server has to offer.

For only $39 you can take home more than 9 hours of actionable content and over 110 lectures of informative instruction.

Apple Releases OS X Server 2.2 Seed 2 To Developers


Developer Seed 2.2

The new developer seed for OS X Server v2.2, Seed 2, is out. In an email sent to developer accounts, Apple announced the new download, and included a link to the seed download source, a set of instructions on how to instal and/or upgrade from various previous versions of OS X Server, and a PDF with the new changes detailed.

OS X Lion Server Lets You Manage the Settings on Multiple iDevices


server ios profiles

OS X Lion Server hasn’t gotten much attention since its release alongside the standard version of Lion, but users will be happy to know that you can actually manage your iOS device’s settings straight from OS X Lion Server.

The main purpose of such a feature seems to be geared more towards system admins and those dealing with multiple iDevices that require similar setting configurations.

Mac OS X Server 10.6.5 Replaced With 1.1 Version



When you’re under as much scrutiny as Apple, even the smallest change or briefest of retractions is bound to provoke comment, so it was no surprise that when Apple briefly pulled the Mac OS X Server 10.6.5 update was briefly pulled yesterday, it almost immediately raised questions about what was going on.

Not to fear, though: it’s now back online with a 1.1 version number, available for download from Apple Support or by hitting up Software Update.