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Tesla’s Cybertruck design looks better on an iPhone


iphone that looks like Cybertruck
What are the chances Elon Musk will have one on order by the end of the day?
Photo: Caviar

Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck was laughed at by critics for its angular, alien look. But the futuristic design may win more style points on an iPhone.

Russian luxury jeweler Caviar is showing off its latest mod job, a titanium iPhone 11 Pro inspired by Musk’s prototype of an electric truck unveiled in December.

Gold-plated iPhones are a pricey way to observe Presidents Day


Presidents Day iPhones
Happy Presidents Day. That will be $5,000.
Screenshot: Caviar

Luxury tech jeweler Caviar can help proud Americans – at least the rich ones – celebrate Presidents Day with a line of gold-plated iPhones celebrating four of our more recognized commanders in chief.

Inspired by Mount Rushmore, Caviar designers created relief mugs of presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy.

All that’s missing from your iPhone XS is a gold skull with diamond teeth


Aurum Edition
For the iPhone XS user who's bad to the bone.
Photo: Aurum Edition

An iPhone is an iPhone is an iPhone. No matter what kind of case you put on it, it’s hard to have a handset that doesn’t look like all the others.

But if you could cover the Apple logo with a gold skull or ruby-eyed wolf’s head, you’d have something unique.

That’s the speciality of luxury brand Aurum Edition, which has new custom designs for the iPhone XS line and Apple Watch Series 4.

Luxury Adam and Eve iPhones will tempt you in the best way


For a few thousand dollars, you can give into temptation.
Photo: Caviar

Every time Vladimir Putin so much as sneezes, Russian luxury brand Caviar commemorates the occasion with a gold-plated iPhone sporting the president’s intimidating mug.

But the designers and meticulous jewelers took a pause of Putin for its latest blinged out iPhones to tell a Biblical story about temptation in the Garden of Eden.