Pay what you want for this Cyber Monday Mac app bundle


PWYW Cyber Monday Mac Bundle Wide
The Pay What You Want Cyber Monday Mac Bundle features 10 utility apps you'll use everyday

What better to celebrate this Cyber Monday than with a present to your trusty Macs? While we might only surf the web, finish some spreadsheets, or watch Netflix, our Macs can do more than just that. The Pay What You Want Cyber Monday Mac Bundle features 10 Mac apps that you will use on an every day basis. Whether you want to quickly find your files or touch-up photos with just one click, this Mac app bundle is perfect for this Cyber Monday.

Get a 3D preview from your Mac of your spring cleaning plans [Deals]


CoM - Live Home 3D Pro for Mac
Before you commit to a major house project, get a digital tour in full 3D.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Tis the season for a spring clean, which can mean anything from simple tidying up to a major upgrade. Considering all the money and time you’re likely to spend on any significant improvements, it’d be a big help to get a look at what the final result will be ahead of time. Thankfully, technology offers a ready solution that’s also affordable. Live Home 3D Pro is a powerful Mac app that makes it easy to build fully realized buildings in 3D, from basic structures to complex buildings of any size. And right now you can get Live Home 3D Pro for just $24.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

These Mac apps will save your hard drive and productivity [Deals]


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From comprehensive hard drive protection to streamlining your workflow, we've got the Mac apps you're looking for.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Your Mac’s a powerful machine, but it’s only as good as the apps you give it. That makes this bundle of top-shelf apps a must-see for any Mac owner. Included is a powerful app for maintaining and repairing your hard drive, a tool for digging deep into PDFs, a fun and useful 3-D designer for your house, and an amazing task-management platform.

There’s something here for any Mac user!