Apple sees ‘long-term potential’ in cryptocurrencies


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An Apple Coin? Don't rule it out.
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Could an Apple cryptocurrency be coming? While it doesn’t sound like it’s on the immediate horizon, Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey recently suggested it’s not totally off the table.

It would fit with Apple’s growing embrace of financial services. The company got into mobile payments with Apple Pay in 2014 and released the Apple Card this year. Now, Cupertino appears to be taking a wait-and-see approach on cryptocurrencies.

Retailers scrap Apple Pay transaction limit in U.K.


Apple Pay Terminal
Apple Pay won't be the only service Germans see here soon.
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British retailers have begun accepting Apple Pay payments above £30, making the service an even more convenient payment option.

Apple has confirmed that over half of all contactless payment terminals in the U.K. can now process Apple Pay transactions of any value.

Apple ‘working rapidly’ to bring Apple Pay to more markets


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Apple wants to bring Apple Pay to every major market the company operates in.
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Jennifer Bailey, VP of Apple Pay, says that Apple is “working rapidly” to expand the company’s mobile payments system way beyond the six countries it currently operates in.

“Our goal is to have Apple Pay in every significant market Apple is in,” Bailey said in a new interview.