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Tim Cook joins Trump’s workforce advisory panel


Apple CEO Tim Cook has joined a Trump Administration panel focusing on worker education.
Photo: Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Apple’s CEO is one of 25 members of the new American Workforce Policy Advisory Board which will advise President Trump on issues affecting workers.

Tim Cook and the president have a surprisingly congenial relationship considering they differ on some fundamental issues.

Protesters bash iPads during Tim Cook school visit


Tim Cook and Ivanka Trump
Protestors gathered outside an Idaho school visited by Apple CEO Tim Cook.
Screenshot: KTVB

Apple CEO Tim Cook and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump were greeted by happy students with iPads as the two visited Wilder Elementary School in Idaho today.

But not everyone is happy with the iPads that Apple gave to school as part of a grant two years ago. A small group of protesters criticized the iPad program, saying the tablets actually get in the way of teachers teaching.

Tim Cook will tour Idaho schools with Ivanka Trump


Tim Cook talks diversity, sustainability, and coming out as gay
Cook’s award shelf is quickly running out of room.
Photo: Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook will join Ivanka Trump today to visit schools in Idaho to observe how they use technology for workforce development and STEM initiatives.

The meet-up with Ivanka Trump will come hours after Apple stock prices fell thanks to plans by her father, President Donald Trump, to slap new tariffs on iPhones. Trumps daughter is an advisor in his administration.