Elton John Backs “Bling Pods” for Charity



These iPod Nanos bedecked with crystals look a little like the flashy glasses Elton John used to wear. (No, the look is not understated).

John, 61, put his signature on 1,000 of these limited-edition iPods for a cause. A percentage of the proceeds (12.5%) go to his AIDS foundation.

In addition to 250 Swarovski crystals, the iPods also come pre-installed with “Rocket Man: The Definitive Hits.”

Prices range from about US$565 (£400) for the 8GB model, the 16GB model runs $636 (£450).
Available online from February 9.

Louis Vuitton Custom iPod Trunk



Fashion czar Karl Lagerfeld, who put his hand to an iPod casehimself once for Italian fashion house Fendi, owns a custom iPod trunk to support his professed love of Mac.

Lagerfeld totes his gear around in a handcrafted custom trunk from Louis Vuitton. Well, probably some bedraggled assistant has to pack his wardrobe of 20 iPods, one charger (what just one?), JBL iPod speakers and a subwoofer.

Too cool even to even carry the LV monogram (but they do have Lagerfeld’s initials near the handle) the trunk is made in trademark Taiga black leather with a microfiber interior.

Custom cases like these take from four to six months to make and run upwards of $10,000.

Via Luxist