iPhone SE may be in the works, coming early 2018


iPhone SE next gen
New 4-inch iPhone SE will be targeted at the Indian market.
Photo: Sam Mills/Cult of Mac

The iPhone SE hasn’t been updated in the 18 months since its release, but according to a new report, Apple manufacturer Wistron is gearing up to produce the next-gen iPhone SE at its factory in India.

The new 4-inch iPhone SE will reportedly be made available in the first quarter of 2018, roughly two years after the first model shipped. It will keep the look of its predecessor, but come with A10 processor, iOS 11, and will boast 32GB and 128GB storage options, with a 1700mAh battery.

HomePod software reveals new details of Apple’s smart speaker


Apple's new HomePod smart speaker is ready to rock your house.
HomePod will launch in December, but supplies will be constrained.
Photo: Apple

The launch of Apple’s new HomePod speaker isn’t slated until the very end of 2017, but after digging into the software that powers the new device, one developer has revealed a number of features fans can expect.

Notorious iOS sleuth Steve Troughton Smith has done some serious research into HomePod and discovered that it’s basically like another iOS device only it doesn’t have a big screen. That could open HomePod up to some exciting capabilities in the future.

Maybe Apple hasn’t given up on iPhone SE just yet


iPhone SE camera
A new iPhone SE could land in August.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple hasn’t given up on its smallest, most affordable iPhone just yet.

A new report claims the 4-inch iPhone SE is due for a refresh soon, and that it will get its very own event this August. What’s more, the new model will be even cheaper than the one Apple sells today.

Apple has no plans to refresh the iPhone SE


iPhone SE
Don't hold your breath for an iPhone SE upgrade.
Photo: Sam Mills/Cult of Mac

If you’re yet to adjust to a larger iPhone, it seems you’re going to get left behind. A new report claims Apple has no plans to refresh the iPhone SE, its smallest and most affordable handset, which hasn’t been properly updated since last March.

iOS 11 brings VR mode to Apple Maps using ARKit


flyover mode in Apple Maps
Flyover is getting a major upgrade in iOS 11.
Photo: Apple

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a Godzilla-sized monster traipsing around the skyscrapers of New York City? Well, with iOS 11 now you can.

Apple has subtly added a cool new virtual reality mode in Apple Maps with the release of iOS 11 that lets users explore 3D models of some of the world’s most popular cities. The new feature is powered by Apple’s new ARKit, allowing you to walk around your house and tilt your phone camera around to visit different parts of the city.

Watch the crazy new feature in action:

First ‘Assembled in India’ iPhones go on sale


iPhone assembled in India
One of the first iPhones "assembled in India."
Photo: Indian Express

Apple’s first iPhone SE units manufactured in India are now on sale in the country.

“Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in India,” reads the tagline on the back. Despite being made locally, the devices cost exactly the same as those shipped from China.

Virgin Mobile innovates by going iPhone-only


iPhone 7
Virgin is going all-in on the iPhone.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

In an effort to regain relevancy in the ridiculously competitive mobile network space, Virgin Mobile CEO Richard Branson revealed today that his company is going all-in on iPhone.

Virgin Mobile is set to become the first-ever iPhone-only carrier and to kick things off the company is offering a deal for Apple fans that just might convince them to switch from one of the major networks.