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This clip-on controller is the secret to better iPhone gaming [Review]


Backbone One for iPhone review: Clever clip-on game controller
The Backbone One for iPhone takes your gaming to the next level.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Clip the Backbone One to your iPhone to get the physical buttons and sticks you’ve been missing. It has a lot in common with an Xbox controller, while being designed specifically for iPhone gaming. And a Lightning connector makes hookups easy.

I spent many hours testing the Backbone One. Here’s why I completely love it, especially for cloud gaming.

Fortnite returns to iPhone with clever workaround – here’s how to play!


Fortnite returns to iPhone with clever workaround – here's how to play!
If you've been missing Fortnite, you can play it now on iPhone or iPad.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Fortnite got kicked out of the App Store as part of a legal battle between Apple and Epic Games, but you can play it on your iPhone today for free. Microsoft added it to Xbox Cloud Gaming so the combat game is playable on iOS and iPadOS devices.

Setting up your iPhone or iPad to play Fortnite from the cloud rather than the App Store is different from what you’re used to. Not hard, just different. I’ll walk you through it.

Take a slingshot space adventure in Moonshot on Apple Arcade


Take a slingshot space adventure in Moonshot on Apple Arcade
Blast off! Moonshot – A Journey Home premiered Friday.
Photo: Noodlecake Games

Physics-based puzzlers are all the rage, and the latest Apple Arcade game takes the concept to the stars. In Moonshot – A Journey Home, players use a slingshot to reunite a wandering moon with its home planet.

It debuted Friday on Apple’s gaming service, which now offers more than 200 titles.

Collect and race gorgeous supercars in Gear.Club Stradale on Apple Arcade


Collect and race gorgeous supercars in ‘Gear.Club Stradale’ on Apple Arcade
Put the pedal to the metal in Gear.Club Stradale, now on Apple Arcade.
Photo: Eden Games/Apple Arcade

Take a long holiday in a gorgeous villa with all the time in the world to drive beautiful supercars. We can’t do it in reality, but we can in Gear.Club Stradale. The multiplayer racing game for a variety of platforms zoomed onto Apple Arcade on Friday.

In addition, the Sega classic Sonic Dash also made the jump to Apple’s gaming subscription service.

Unreal Engine 5 launches to make games more awesome


Unreal Engine 5 launches to make games more awesome
This is what games can look like with Unreal Engine 5.
Image: Epic Games

Epic Games gave developers access to Unreal Engine 5, the next generation of its tool for creating 3D games. It offers “a collection of groundbreaking features for rendering real-time worlds in incredible high-fidelity detail.”

The new version of this software-development environment released Tuesday replaces Unreal Engine 4, which has been around since 2014. It’s used in many Mac, iPhone and/or iPad games, including Injustice 2 and Darkness Rises.

Ubisoft is bringing popular shooter Rainbow Six to iPhone and iPad


Rainbow Six Mobile
An alpha test will begin soon.
Image: Ubisoft

Popular tactical shooter Rainbow Six is on its way to mobile devices, publisher Ubisoft confirmed on Tuesday. The game, which will be somewhat similar to Siege, will see teams battling it out in familiar locations.

Rainbow Six Mobile is being built “from the ground up with mobile usability in mind,” its developers said. It will feature a new control system specifically for touchscreens, and “extensive” optimizations for smartphones and tablets.

Dark Disney Mirrorverse RPG hits iPhone in June


Dark ‘Disney Mirrorverse’ RPG hits iPhone in June
It’s a whole new world… of violence.
Photo: Disney

Disney is taking many of its classic characters in a darker direction with Disney Mirrorverse, an RPG for mobile devices. Alternate-reality versions of these screen icons will have to team up face a “dark, unrelenting threat.”

Disney revealed Monday that the game will launch June 23. There’s also a trailer to whet players’ appetites.

Nintendo ditches yet another of its mobile games


Nintendo ditches Dragalia Lost
The game will get its last campaign update in July.
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo today confirmed plans to shut down Dragalia Lost, the free-to-play action RPG built exclusively for mobile devices. The game will get its final campaign update in July before service ceases sometime later.

Dragalia Lost joins a growing list of mobile games that Nintendo has given up on. The Japanese firm closed down Dr. Mario World last year, and threw in the towel on Miitomo and Pokémon Rumble Rush before that.