This Awesome Mod Turns Your iPhone’s Headphone Jack Into A Glowing LED Flashlight [Video]



Way back in September, we told you about a “forthcoming” mod by U.K. based iPatch that would turn the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone into a glowing cutout illuminated by the back of the display, just like on a MacBook. iPatch promised the mod would cost around $160 and be available in about a month.

Well, six months later, and we still don’t have glowing iPhones, but the guys at iPatch are still apparently tinkering with their perpetually imminent mod, and have now shown off how it will allow them to make a miniature torch out of the headphone jack. The iPatch guys talk about how you could then use transparent earbuds to make glow-in-the-dark headphones, but I think they’re missing the true potential here. Can anyone say “laser pointer”?

This Awesome iPhone 4 Mod Illuminates Your Apple Logo Like Your MacBook



We’re all huge fans of the iconic glowing Apple logo that lights up every time we open up our MacBooks, so wouldn’t it be nice to have the Apple logo on the back of our iPhones do the same? Thanks to Andy and Chris at the U.K.-based iPatch iPhone & iPod repair specialists, you can have your iPhone 4 modded to boast a glowing Apple logo every time your screen lights up.