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The iPad Helped ADT Double Sales Revenue


Showing off the ADT Pulse app is just one way the iPad delivers sales benefits for ADT
Showing off the ADT Pulse app is just one way the iPad delivers sales benefits for ADT

One of the immediate associations that most people have when they think about the iPad in business is the iPad as a sales tool. Not surprising given its form factor and the ease with which it can display presentations, offer up a portfolio, and generate quotes on the fly.

Do those abilities really add up to increased sales over binders of information, colorful brochures, and canned presentations on DVD? For home security giant ADT, the answer is an emphatic yes.

Weirdly Indestructible, Impact-Absorbing iPad/2 G-Form Cases Now Shipping



Ok, we’re a little baffled why this dude is pulling out an iPad in this sitch. Last-minute conditions-check? Confused about the term “surf the web”?

What’s pretty clear though, is that the blindingly yellow G-Form iPad Extreme Sleeve case ($60) he’s peeling off his iPad is now shipping. We love talking about this case; partly because we’re fascinated with the extreme-sport-derived protective material it’s made from, and partly because we’re mesmerized by the crazy videos G-Form keeps releasing to demonstrate the Extreme Sleeve’s protective ability — which seems formidable.

Right now, it’s only available (thankfully, also in black) from G-Form directly.


Uh Oh: One Target Store Has Only 5 iPad 2s, WiFi Only


According to this Target employee, the store has only 5 iPad 2s for sale later today. They are all 64GB, WiFi-only models in black. That's not a lot of stock. We've hidden the employee's identity so they don't get fired.

If you’re thinking of visiting Target for an iPad 2 later today, better think again.

We just got a report from the stockroom of one Target store, which has only five iPad 2s in stock for sale at 5PM today. They are all 64GB, WiFi-only models in black.

An employee at the store just sent us the following message with the picture above:

“stockroom we only got 5 of the 64gb wifi only black models insulting right.

Stock levels at big box retailers like Target and Best Buy were expected to be much lower than Apple’s retail stores, but this is shockingly low.

It’s not clear if this is the inventory level at all Target stores, but I’d say it’s typical. Apple is offering the iPad 2 for sale at about 10 different retailers, so stocks are likely to be stretched thin. Obviously, retailers are keeping their inventory levels secret: they don’t want to scare potential shoppers away.

The Target employee summed it up nicely: “Better off waitin outside apple or best buy.”