Snag awesome Apple accessories for a fraction the price [Deals]


Get on top of your holiday shopping with some of the best deals on awesome Apple accessories.
Get on top of your holiday shopping with some of the best deals on awesome Apple accessories.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Want to enhance the goodness you get from your Apple devices? So do we, so we’ve rounded up four of the best deals on Apple accessories in the Cult of Mac Deals, just in time for the holidays. There’s a USB-connected microscope camera, a visual-first planner, an ultra-strong charging cable, and more. Read on for details:

Strikingly simple Yohann iPad stand works all the angles [Reviews]


Yohann iPad stand updated photo
It's just one piece, but it does basically everything you need.
Photo: Evan Killham, Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

I have a pretty decent iPad cover that lets me easily prop up my tablet in case I want to stay in bed and watch Netflix all day like someone who does not suffer from depression at all. But the recently released Yohann iPad stand makes my existing system look like cheap garbage.

It’s genuinely a beautiful and elegantly designed piece that looks great whether it’s holding the iPad or not, and it’s also incredibly useful. You’ll pay for every bit of that ingenuity, but if you have the scratch, this belongs in your home.

Clever aluminum iPad stand upgrades your Apple lifestyle


iQunix iPad stand
It's a beautiful life (thanks to aluminum).
Photo: Rob LeFebvre / Cult of Mac

Best List: Zand Aluminum iPad Stand by iQunix

Living in an Apple ecosystem, my world revolves around brushed aluminum and white cables. My iPhone 6 Plus is silver on the back, my iPads are black and space gray, and my MacBook Pro is — you guessed it — a lovely brushed aluminum.

The new iQunix Zand Aluminum iPad stand looks like something Apple would design to set your iPad next to that MacBook Pro for a perfectly matched finish.

Use The Essential iKlip 2 Any Time You’re On Stage With An iPad [Review]


Stand 6

Time to come clean: I play guitar and sing in a disco band. I know, I know, the backlash against that kind of music has been going on since 1977. Trust me, I know.

But the way people respond to this still-valid, we-use-real-instruments form of music is so much better than the way they used to when I played guitar in modern or classic rock bands. In those days, the most reaction I’d see in an audience was a foot tap, or maybe–if I was lucky–a head bob or two. Happy, gorgeous people dancing their butts off? So much more fun.

iKlip 2 by IK Multimedia
Category: iPad Cases & Accessories
Works With: iPad 2, 3, 4
Price: $39.99

Now, playing in a cover band requires knowing a lot of music, like the chords for the 50 plus songs that we play. As I also take on half the lead singing duties, so I’m required to know the lyrics as well. I don’t do this for a living; I do it for fun and some beer and gear money. I don’t have tons of time to memorize all those songs, let alone the new ones we learn every few months. So I use lyric sheets. I used to use them on paper, but boy is that annoyingly old school and easily lost.

Now I use my iPad (and an amazing app called GigBook) to organize and keep track of my lyric sheets. And I also use the incomparable iKlip 2 iPad holder to attach that iPad to the microphone stand right in front of me.

The Perfect Stand For Your iPad: iRest [Last Chance!]


CoM - iRest

Every once in a while an “insanely great” offer comes around that can’t be missed…and this happens to be one of those deals.

For only $40 (which includes free shipping) you’ll get this flawless iPad accessory delivered right to your doorstep. (Please note: This Cult of Mac Deals offer is only available to customers located in the continental United States.)

This 2011 Macworld Best of Show winner was designed to be used not just at your desk or on a table, but also on your lap while kicking back on the sofa or laying in bed, the iRest lets you view your iPad’s screen in comfort with excellent stability.

Joby Unveils Origami-Inspired iPad Stand/Case [CES 2011]


Eileen Weinstein of Joby models their intricate new Ori for iPad case.

LAS VEGAS, CES 2011 — Joby released two new iPad stands yesterday. One borrowed from their line of bendable camera tripods, the other was more unusual, and took a page from the Japanese art of origami.

The GorillaMobile Ori ($80)  for iPad is made from a material called Hylite — a blend of aluminum and polypropylene — which felt pretty light and is supposedly super-tough. The origami-inspired design gives the case an intricate look (so many cutouts) and allows for a continuous hinge that can adjust the viewing angle to practically any position within its range. it’s also equipped with a swivel hinge that allows the iPad to be easily switched between portrait and landscape positions — or even turn the iPad into a steering wheel for racing games. Pretty cool.

The iPad Stand from Pendle Products is Stylish, Multifunctional, and as Strong as Steel [Review]


2 Stands

After the success of its stunning, minimalist laptop stands, U.K.-based Pendle Products has turned its talents to the iPad, and has produced a stand that boasts a functional, stylish design, that helps you to make the most of your tablet device.

Whether you’re watching a film, typing up a document, or you’d just like to show off your holiday snaps on your coffee table, the iPad stand from Pendle will let you do it all.