Apple won’t go all-in on OLED until 2019


The iPhone 8 won't be cheap.
The iPhone 8 will be the first to get OLED.
Photo: iDropNews

Apple may not put an OLED screen on every new iPhone this year, but a new report is claiming all iPhones will pack the new display tech within two years.

According to the latest rumor out of Apple’s supply chain in Asia, the Cupertino plans to double adoption of OLED panels in 2018 before going all-in in 2019.

Apple suppliers make big bets on iPhone 8 circuit boards


iPhone 8 logic boards are big business right now.
Photo: iFixit

Apple suppliers are investing tens of millions of dollars into the production of flexible printed circuit boards to meet inevitably strong demand for an iPhone 8 with an OLED display.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is reportedly expanding its production plant in Vietnam at a cost of $88 million, while Interflex is expected to make a similar investment later this year to ensure steady supply.