Job listing hints at Apple-made modems coming to iPhone


The Apple T2 chip could be the source of mysterious crashes afflicting two of Apple's newest computers.
Apple wants to bring its chip-designing skillset to modems.

Qualcomm and Intel could both soon lose out on Apple’s wireless chip business completely.

After switching from Qualcomm modems to Intel modems (and causing a huge legal war in the process), Apple is reportedly looking to build more wireless chips on its own. The company is staffing up in San Diego and based on one job listing, the team is working on a cellular modem chip.

Today in Apple history: Secret project ports Mac OS to PCs


Should Apple have licensed Mac OS back in the early 1990s?
Photo: Thomas Hawk/Flickr CC

December 4: Today in Apple history: Secret project ports Mac OS to PCs December 4, 1992: Apple engineers demonstrate a “proof of concept” of the Mac operating system running on an Intel computer.

More than a decade before Macs switch to Intel processors, the astonishing feat is part of an aborted plan to make Apple’s software available on other manufacturer’s hardware. Apple ultimately chickens out, fearing (probably correctly) that this will hurt its hardware sales.

5G iPhone probably can’t launch before 2020


This Intel modem will likely power the first 5G iPhone.
This Intel modem will likely power the first 5G iPhone.
Photo: Intel

The estimated release date for Intel’s first 5G modem makes it very unlikely a 5G iPhone will be released before 2020. Android devices with this speedy new cellular-wireless technology are expected a year before then.

The 5G iPhone delay is a result of the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm.

No settlement in sight for Apple vs Qualcomm legal battle


Qualcomm has become Apple's biggest legal foe.
Photo: Qualcomm

Apple is making zero effort to reach a settlement in its wide-ranging legal battle with Qualcomm.

The iPhone-maker used Qualcomm wireless chips in its devices for years, but the two sides recently started butting heads over how much Apple owes in royalties. Qualcomm alleges that Apple should pay it an additional $7 billion and it looks like it will have to go to war for every cent.

MacBook smackdown: Which laptop is right for you?


MacBook Air 2018
Apple's new MacBook Air delivers everything we wanted.
Photo: Apple

Apple finally dusted off the MacBook Air. The 2018 model sports a brand new design, a gorgeous Retina display, and powerful upgraded internals. All of sudden, Apple’s most affordable notebook is up there with its best.

In fact, the new ultraportable is so good, you would be crazy to buy a 12-inch MacBook right now. So, how does the new MacBook Air stack up against the rest of Apple’s laptop lineup? Which model best suits your needs, and which delivers the best bang for the buck?

Find out right here in our comprehensive MacBook comparison.

Qualcomm accuses Apple of stealing trade secrets to help out Intel


The Qualcomm vs. Apple battle rages on.
Photo: Qualcomm

Qualcomm claims that Apple stole its chip technology and gave it to Intel — and it says it’s got the proof.

According to the chipmaker, Apple stole “vast swaths” of confidential information and trade secrets, which it used to improve the performance of chips made by Qualcomm rival Intel. The claims are part of a new court filing by Qualcomm.

Apple places risky bet on sole iPhone chip provider


Apple A12 replaces A11 Bionic
TSMC beat out Samsung and Intel to make Apple's A11 Bionic processor, and will apparently be the sole producer of its replacements.
Photo: iFixit

TSMC has produced every iPhone processor for several years, and is reportedly going to continue to be Apple’s sole source for chips.

Apple generally prefers to get components from multiple sources, but apparently no company — not even Samsung or Intel — can compete with TSMC. That makes the two companies very dependent on each other.

12-inch MacBook shortage hints at impending refresh


MacBook lineup
Don't buy a 12-inch MacBook today.
Photo: Apple

A refresh is overdue for Apple’s 12-inch MacBook lineup, and it looks like it could be arriving soon.

Availability of the machine has dwindled at one major retailer, which suggests new models — complete with upgraded internals — will arrive this fall. It could be one of a number of Apple machines that will see improvements before the end of the year.

Another clue that ‘inexpensive’ MacBooks will land soon


Get a MacBook Air for $200 off
It’s about time we saw that new MacBook Air.
Photo: Apple

One of Apple’s manufacturing partners will enjoy a significant boost in the fourth quarter of 2018 as a result of the company’s new, “inexpensive notebooks.”

Quanta Computer has just been overtaken by Compal as the world’s top laptop manufacturer, but it will catch up this year as Apple prepares to deliver what will likely be a new MacBook Air.

Journey to a trillion, and a look at Apple’s troubled history, on The CultCast


CultCast MacBook Pro
Apple's the most valuable company on earth, but it almost wasn't.

This week on The CultCast: The journey to a trillion! How did Apple become the most valuable company on earth? We discuss, and remember the company’s troubled history. Plus: Is the i9 MacBook Pro a total ripoff? One YouTube reviewer says yes, and his tests are convincing. We’ll fill you in. And stay tuned for the sad decline of MoviePass. Is the troubled movie service still worth it?

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