Ridiculous Intel ad makes Apple fans look like complete morons

Ridiculous Intel ad makes Apple fans look like complete morons


Intel vs. Apple ad
What?! This laptop that runs Windows wasn't made by Apple? No way!
Photo: Intel

Butthurt Intel just squeezed out another of its desperate taking-a-stab-at-Apple ads, and it might just be the worst one yet. It paints Apple fans as complete morons.

“Is this real life right now?” one user asks when shown a colorfully lit room filled with Windows machines.

The “real people” brought in for Intel’s “Social Experiment,” despite being apparent Mac users, all appear flabbergasted when told the Windows-powered laptops they’ve been shown aren’t made by Apple. Ugh.

‘Where do I sign up?’

Intel released a series of Apple-bashing ads after Cupertino made the decision to drop Intel chips for its own custom silicon. The spurned chipmaker poked fun at the Mac’s lack of touchscreens, its rather lackluster support for gamers, and its traditional laptop designs that function only as notebooks.

That’s fine — a lot of companies do that. Apple scored points with a long-running marketing campaign that compared its own machines to Windows PCs, and highlighted all the flaws in Microsoft’s operating system. But Intel’s latest ad doesn’t make the Mac look bad. It makes Apple users look stupid.

The four-minute video, titled “Social Experiment,” features a bunch of apparent “real people paid for their time and opinions” being shown a series of “innovations.” They include laptops with touchscreens, two-in-one devices that also function as tablets, and the ability to … play games.

You know, all the things PC manufacturers have been pushing for years now. But because these “real people” are Apple fans, they’ve apparently never seen any of these things. They’re all brand-new to them — and so incredibly groundbreaking (supposedly) that they lead one lady to question reality.

‘It looks like a piece of artwork!’

The worst part of the ad comes at the end, when the Apple fans are taken into a room filled with Intel-powered machines.

“It looks like a piece of artwork,” says one guy, mesmerized by a gaming PC filled with RGB lights. “I’m going to have to upgrade what I know in my mind,” says another. LOL.

The ad accuses Mac users of being under “Apple’s spell,” which seemingly prevents them from ever seeing a Windows PC. Of course, they will already be familiar with Intel chips — they’re the ones that require noisy fans and thermal throttling, and guzzle battery life in older MacBook models.

It seems YouTube viewers also think Intel’s ad is pathetic. As I write this, the video has amassed almost 6,000 dislikes and only 2,900 likes since it was posted on October 4.

Nice try, Intel.