Apple is searching for new modem chip suppliers to replace Qualcomm


Apple's feud with Qualcomm shows no signs of slowing down.
Photo: Intel

Apple has reportedly shifted half of its baseband modem chipsets for iOS devices to Intel from Qualcomm, and is now considering shifting additional orders to Taiwanese manufacturer MediaTek.

The news comes at a time when hostilities between Apple and former manufacturer Qualcomm continue to heat up, with no signs that they will come to a close soon.

Today in Apple history: Secret project ports Mac OS to PCs


Should Apple have licensed Mac OS back in the early 1990s?
Photo: Thomas Hawk/Flickr

December 4: Today in Apple history December 4, 1992: Apple engineers demonstrate a “proof of concept” of the Mac operating system running on an Intel computer.

More than a decade before Macs switch to Intel processors, the astonishing feat is part of an aborted plan to make Apple’s software available other manufacturer’s hardware. Apple ultimately chickens out, fearing (probably correctly) that this will hurt its hardware sales.

Intel working with Apple to bring blazingly fast 5G to iPhone


Chips could arrive in time for the iPhone in 2019 or 2020.
Photo: Thomas Hawk/Flickr

Apple is reportedly working closely with Intel on 5G wireless broadband technology for a future iPhone, a new report claims.

The story follows previous claims that Apple is planning to drop Qualcomm chips for new iPhones and iPads which will ship in 2018, and replace them with chips made by Intel instead.

Qualcomm sues Apple again, accuses it of helping rival Intel


It looks like the battle between Apple and Qualcomm isn't close to over.
Photo: Qualcomm

In the latest twist in the Apple versus Qualcomm battle, Qualcomm has sued Apple yet again — this time claiming that it has taken advantage of its access to Qualcomm code to help rival Intel by giving it information about Qualcomm’s technology.

The lawsuit lends credibility to a previous story suggesting that Apple may be planning to drop Qualcomm chips for new iPhones and iPads which will ship in 2018, and replace them chips made by Intel and MediaTek.

Apple could ditch Qualcomm chips for future iPhones and iPads


Apple may rely on alternative companies instead.
Photo: Qualcomm

With the legal battles between Apple and Qualcomm showing no signs of coming to a close, a new report claims that Apple is working to develop new iPhones and iPads for 2018 which don’t make use of any Qualcomm chips whatsoever.

While Apple (obviously) hasn’t made any announcements yet, it is said to be looking at chips made by Intel and MediaTek. The reason for the lack of Qualcomm’s chips could be a mutual decision, due to Apple not wanting to continue to work with Qualcomm, and Qualcomm withholding the necessary testing software for its latest chips.

Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is ready to take on the MacBook Pro


Microsoft Surface Book
The Microsoft Surface Book 2.
Photo: Microsoft

The MacBook Pro is about to face some tough competition from Microsoft’s newest laptop/tablet hybrid that was just revealed today.

Microsoft’s new Surface Book 2 computers are being billed as the most powerful laptops to come from Microsoft. The company even says they’re twice as powerful as the latest MacBook Pro.

Google Pixelbook finally makes Chrome OS exciting


Google Pixelbook
As fancy as a MacBook.
Photo: Google

Google’s Chrome OS platform is finally exciting, thanks to the new Pixelbook.

It sports a premium design that’s incredible thin and light, and powerful hardware that you won’t find in another Chromebook. It’s also compatible with the new Pixelbook Pen, which makes light work of annotating documents, finding information, and more.

Paul Otellini, who helped bring Intel chips to Mac, dies at 66


Paul Otellini
Former Intel CEO Paul Otellini.
Photo: Intel Corporation

Paul Otellini, the former CEO of Intel, who had a huge influence on helping Apple make the transition away from AMD processors on its Mac lineup, died earlier this week.

Otellini passed away in his sleep on Monday, Oct. 2 at the age of 66. He was the fifth CEO of Intel and helped the company make some huge strategic adjustments that helped it maintain its lead as the world’s premier manufacturer of computer CPUs.

Intel’s Cannon Lake processors may be delayed, again


Intel Coffee Lake
Intel's Coffee Lake processors have a lot of potential.
Photo: Intel

The next great update for the MacBook Pro may not happen until late 2018 thanks to a delay in Intel’s highly anticipated Cannon Lake processors.

Intel has allegedly decided to push back the launch of its Cannon Lake processors yet again, according to a new report that claims the company is now looking to launch them toward the end of 2018.

Juicy iPhone 8 leaks and a strange twist for Apple car project, on The CultCast


Apple Car
Why, I just looove our new Apple car, mummy!
Photo: Mario Klingemann/Flickr CC

This week on The CultCast: Even more juicy details leak on iPhone 8, plus a report says Apple’s keynote reveal is right around the corner. Plus: There’s a strange twist in Apple’s autonomous car project; why the 13-inch MacBook Pro might soon get a lot more horsepower; and stick around for an all-new storytime, where we’ll tell you what it’s like inside the eerie darkness of a total solar eclipse.