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Pick up an Intel-powered iMac refurb from just $439.99 today only


Bag yours before they're all gone!
Photo: Apple

Not interested in a new iMac powered by Apple’s M1 chip? Or simply shopping for an upgrade on a budget? Check out Woot’s latest sale on Intel-powered iMac refurbs, where prices start at a mere $439.99.

The sale is good for today only so don’t miss out!

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Beefed-up Mac Pro and modded PC crush IT work and gaming [Setups]


Best of all worlds? A powerful Mac and PC combo crushes work, gaming and podcasting.
Best of all worlds? A powerful Mac and PC combo crushes work, gaming and podcasting.
Photo: Liquidsama@Reddit

Redditor Liquidsama’s setup is popular on the social media app not just for the adorable Pac-Man Ghost Light in the corner (see photos), but for its awesome computing power for work and play.

The LED ghost light phases through nine colors and reacts to music, by the way — which is neat — but the real draw here is a bulked-up Mac Pro for IT work and a heavily modded PC for gaming. Not to mention a great audio rig for podcasting.

Apple M1 chip outperforms AMD, Nvidia graphics in new benchmarks


Apple M1 chip
Gaming is about to get a lot better on Mac.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s new M1 chipset has been blowing away rival Intel chips in CPU performance benchmarks, and it doesn’t stop there. It turns out Apple Silicon can give many graphics cards a run for their money, too.

New tests reveal the M1 easily outperforms the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and AMD Radeon RX 560 in graphics benchmarks. It could make gaming on a Mac better than ever.

Better move fast if you want one of the last Intel-based MacBook Airs


Get the 2020 MacBook Air with Intel processor while you can.
Photo: Apple

The Intel-based MacBook Air is quickly disappearing. Apple introduced the the first version of this svelte laptop with an M1 processor on Tuesday, and pulled the previous version off the Apple online store.

It isn’t unusual for a new Mac to replace on older one. But the MacBook Air just made a quantum leap to a new type of processor, and some people are likely still interested in one with an Intel processor. The supply is dwindling, though.

Performance trajectory shows why jump to Apple Silicon makes perfect sense


CPU performance vs. power: Apple M1 against PCs
Apple M1 processor outperforms PC chips, even while using less power.
Chart: Apple

Apple improved its processors’ performance by a massive 3x in the past five years, according to analysis carried out by AnandTech. Meanwhile, Intel’s best single-thread performance only improved 28% during that same time frame.

The stats help cement why the risky jump from Intel to Apple Silicon in Macs makes a whole lot of sense.

Why the new iMac is still a great buy, even without Apple Silicon


2020 iMac: The new iMac looks just like the old one (only faster).
The 2020 iMac is certainly worth your cash.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s newest iMac is by far the fastest yet, with huge increases in both CPU and GPU performance. It also ships with improved speakers and microphones. And yet, it seems a lot of Apple fans don’t care.

The reason? The new iMac is powered by Intel processors, like all its predecessors since 2006, instead of Apple Silicon. Since Apple revealed its plan to switch to its own custom chips at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Intel processors just don’t hold the same appeal.

But there are some great reasons to continue buying Intel-powered Macs in 2020. Here are a few.