Qualcomm demands ITC ban iPhones powered by Intel


iPhone 6s teardown
The 2017 iPhones are all getting big internal upgrades.
Photo: iFixit

The ongoing fight between Apple and Qualcomm could result in an import ban on all new iPhones powered by Intel.

Qualcomm requested today that the U.S. International Trade Commission place a “limited exclusion order” on all iPhones that use Intel’s 4G wireless modem. iPhones powered by Qualcomm’s chip would be excluded from the ban.

Today in Apple history: Apple chooses Intel over PowerPC


The transition to Intel was a big achievement for Steve Jobs.
Photo: Thomas Hawk/Flickr

Jun6June 6, 2005: Steve Jobs reveals that the Mac is switching over its CPUs from PowerPC processors to Intel ones.

Speaking at that year’s WWDC, Jobs’ revelation reminds us that he is a CEO who can get things done. Given Intel’s focus on mobile computing, it also offers a hint at what Apple’s CEO has planned for the second half of his reign at the top of Apple…

Intel is reaping the rewards of Apple’s scrap with Qualcomm


Intel has gained unexpectedly high iPhone chip orders.
Photo: Thomas Hawk/Flickr

Intel is benefitting from Apple’s current standoff with Qualcomm, with Apple reportedly upping its wireless “baseband” chip orders from Intel for the iPhone.

Apple first added Intel as a second baseband supplier in 2016. This was part of its strategy to diversify the number of suppliers that provide each of its components, to allow Apple to lessen its risk and negotiate more favorable terms for components.

Intel’s next chips will be 30% faster than Kaby Lake


Intel Coffee Lake
Intel's Coffee Lake processors have a lot of potential.
Photo: Intel

Intel’s next-generation Coffee Lake processors will be up to 30 percent faster than today’s Kaby Lake chips, the company has confirmed.

Its eight-generation CPUs will be manufactured using the same cutting-edge 14-nanometer process it is already using — and it’s great news for future MacBooks.

Microsoft takes aim at iPad with new Surface Pro


The Surface Pro looks slick.
The Surface Pro looks slick.
Photo: Microsoft

The iPad Pro is getting some fresh competition from Microsoft after the company just took the wraps off its newest tablet, the Surface Pro.

It’s been over 16 months since Microsoft’s would-be iPad-killer was last updated. Although its the 5th version of Microsoft’s tablet, this go around the company decided to ditch the number suffixes and pack the Surface Pro with more features than ever before.

Apple may reveal three new MacBooks at WWDC


15 inch MacBook Pro Silver
The new MacBooks will probably look the same on the outside.
Photo: Apple

Apple fans craving more powerful MacBooks may get their wish next month at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

The company is allegedly planning to unveil a new lineup of MacBooks, according to a report that claims the new machines will pack Intel’s new Kaby Lake processor to bring more speed than ever.