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Hacked AT&T Carrier Update Promises Faster Data Speeds On iOS


AT&T might finally get its comeuppance for throttling data. Photo: Apple.
AT&T might finally get its comeuppance for throttling data. Photo: Apple.

Earlier this month, a hacked carrier update for the T-Mobile iPhone 5 that brought increased data speeds was released by Joe Brown and Sky Zangas, two developers behind iTweakiOS. Now the duo have released a similar hack for AT&T devices, only this time, it’s not just for the iPhone.

The hacked carrier update also supports the iPad and promises to improve data performance on both LTE and HSPA+.

T-Mobile Is Counting On The iPhone To Bring Back Lost Subscribers



T-Mobile customers are quickly jumping ship, turning to rival carriers to bag the iPhone. But on Thursday, the company announced that it will finally begin selling Apple’s immensely popular smartphone from next year, and it is hoping that the move will help it claw back some subscribers. Chief Executive John Legere wants to see it making a positive impact on the carrier’s subscription numbers by 2013.

“It is an aggressive target but we think it is possible,” Legere told reporters on Friday.

iOS 5.1 Strings Might Confirm iPhone LTE, But Probably Just Refer To Existing HSPA+ Support


Is it 4G or is it LTE?

Now that Apple’s brought LTE to the iPad, it seems a certainty it’ll come to the next iPhone in October as well. Lurking deep in the iOS 5.1 plist files, though, may be proof that Apple’s already building support for LTE into their mobile operating system. Or it might just be more confusion over what 4G actually means: LTE or HSPA+.

Help Us Put Together A Worldwide iPad 3G / LTE Coverage Map!


When you've finished filling in our 3G/LTE survey, your entry should look like this.
When you've finished filling in our 3G/LTE survey, your entry should look like this.

Here at Cult of Mac, we’re interested in building a data set which we can use to determine which networks offer the fastest and most reliable 3G & LTE coverage to new iPad owners. We’ll then use this data to report on which new iPad carrier is the best in each country or territory where it’s available.

Will LTE networks be crushed by demand, or will the upgrade to true 4G be as dramatic as the likes of AT&T and Verizon would like us to be. Finally, will most people who buy an iPad Wi-Fi + 4G even live within an LTE coverage area?

If you’ve got a new iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, could you take a couple minutes out of playing with your new, shiny tablet and help us out?

T-Mobile Reports Another Huge Quarterly Loss Due To Lack Of iPhone 4S



T-Mobile has announced its earnings for the 2011 holiday quarter, and the GSM carrier lost over 800,000 subscribers. Being the only major U.S. carrier left not carrying the iPhone, T-Mobile saw a 3.3% decrease in revenue to $20.6 billion.

Although the network’s growth has been on the decline for awhile, the fourth quarter of 2011 resulted in an exponentially greater loss following the launch of the iPhone 4S.

Unlocked T-Mobile iPhones Get Upgraded To 3G Speeds In Some Parts Of USA



T-Mobile has over 1M+ unlocked iPhones on its GSM network, which is quite impressive, considering that up until now, all of those iPhones have been stuck with 2G data speeds thanks to T-Mobile’s bizarre implementation of 3Gm which is not compatible with the iPhone.

But that’s all about to change. Some unlocked iPhone owners are now reporting that for the first time ever, they are now getting proper 3G speeds on their iPhones, just like the rest of us have been enjoying for the last three years. Hurrah!

New Bill Will Stop Carriers From Lying About The iPhone 4G



Next month, AT&T will start rolling out its LTE network in the United States, prepping the ground for the launch of an LTE-equipped iPhone in 2012. Even though Ma Bell doesn’t actually have a 4G network in place right now, though, that’s not stopping them from selling 4G phones and bragging about their 4G speeds. New legislation working its way through the house wouldn’t stop that, but would make them append a caveat: their minimum data speeds.

The Next iPhone Might Run At Near 4G Speeds Even Without LTE



Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has just coughed up a crusty old bezoar of regurgitated iPhone 5 rumors. You know pretty much all of them: that the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 4S (debatable, doubtful), that it’ll boast an A5 dual-core SoC (a certainty) and that it’ll be coming to Sprint and T-Mobile (maybe).

He does make one interesting new claim, though: the next iPhone will boast HSPA+ mobile broadband speeds. Depending on which carrier you believe, that might make it a 4G phone.