Why The iPad Wins Despite The Cheap Sex Appeal In Other Tablet Ads [Video]


Toshiba can sleaze it up all they want. If you don't show why customers should want your tablet, they won't buy it.
Toshiba can sleaze it up all they want. If you don't show why customers should want your tablet, they won't buy it.

Despite all the talk about Android, Windows, and other tablets being iPad killers and expected to steal both consumer and business market share from Apple, not one has managed to make a real dent in the iPad’s dominance – particularly in the business space.

There are, of course, plenty of factors that I could point to and say “this is why the iPad is still number one” – IT folks know how to secure and manage iPads, there’s a single form factor, there’s a great selection of apps. I could go on, but one of the biggest reasons Apple that retains the market share that it does has nothing to do with specs, brand loyalty, app choices, or integration with existing enterprise systems.

As this absurd  and rather sleazy ad for a Toshiba Windows tablet makes obvious, virtually all Android, BlackBerry, and Windows device commercials don’t tell me anything about what a device can actually do for me.

Apple Confirms Kindle Fire And Other ‘Limited Function Tablets’ Have No Impact On iPad Sales


Despite being labeled the first real competitor to the iPad, it seems Amazon’s 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet still has a long way to go before it can lure tablet users away from Apple’s device. Although it seemed to be incredibly popular when it launched last year, largely thanks to that attractive $199 price tag, Apple CEO Tim Cook says the Kindle Fire, and other “limited function tablets,” had no impact on iPad sales whatsoever.

HP Drops Price on TouchPad by $100 to Compete With iPad [Report]



HP has announced that it will keep the HP TouchPad permanently discounted $100 from the original retail price of $500. Following last’s weekend sale of the TouchPad at the reduced price point, HP has said that it is “pleased with customer response” to the price drop, and that the TouchPad’s price will be permanently cut to $400.

TouchPad sales have been unnoticeable at best, and this price cut can be seen as a clear move for HP to stay relevant in light of the iPad’s dominance.

The HP Touchpad… It’s No iPad [Gadget Hivemind Super Collective Mega Review]



HP will be releasing its own would-be iPad killer on Friday. Called the HP Touchpad, it’s the first tablet running webOS 3, the tablet-sized operating system HP picked up from Palm last year. But what is the critical consensus? Is the HP Touchpad a viable competitor to the iPad?

Across the board, the answer is no, but most critics agree that six months from now, webOS 3 — if not the Touchpad itself — could be a viable threat to iPad. Right now, though, the HP Touchpad is unpolished and messy.

Here’s the only review of the HP Touchpad you need, glommed together from the Internet’s gadget blogging hivemind.