RoundFlash — One Ring Flash To Beat Them All



Ringflash: You love the harsh-yet-even light, and the donut-shaped highlights it throws into the subject’s eyes. You love that you can make magazine-style photos with a single, on camera flash. But you hate the bulky plastic adapter you have to carry around to make it all happen.

What you need, my creative-yet-lazy friend, is the RoundFlash. It’s a flash that’s round.

Looking For A Great Manual Camera Flash? Then Just Buy The LP180 Already [Review]


LP180 by LumoPro
Category: Flashes
Works With: Any Camera
Price: $200

LumoPro’s LP180 flash is quite excellent. Even the Strobist himself, David “can I flash you?” Hobby said that “It’s the first flash that I actually prefer over a Nikon SB–800.” High praise indeed, as the SB–800 has been his workhorse small strobe for years.

Why is it so good? Tough, easy to use, and with some genuinely handy (and unique) features. And all for $200, which is fully $350 less than the current top-end Nikon speedlight, the SB–910.

ThinkTank’s Widget Wallets Will Help You Organize Almost Everything



I’m a complete neat freak. Add to this my weakness for bags of all kinds and you’ll see immediately why I love these new organizing wallets from ThinkTank. These four wallets are designed for tidying and storing SD cards, flash gels and cameras batteries.

If you hear the phrase “A place for everything, and everything in its place,” and nod in solemn agreement, then read on.