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How to make EarPods play nicely with Xbox One


Xbox One controller Apple EarPods
Controller support is better than ever.
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You’re probably used to using your EarPods to listen to music or make hands-free phone calls, but we’ve recently discovered another cool trick they can do. If you have a headphone-compatible Xbox One controller, you can also use Apple’s standard earbuds to pump your game and chat audio directly into your head.

You’ll have to adjust a setting or two first, though. And that’s only fair considering you’re asking Apple and Microsoft products to work together. Here’s what you need to do.

Fix Apple’s Broken EarPod Design With This $10 Accessory



Apple’s earbud redesign year was a contentious thing. I thought the new EarPods sounded as crummy as the old ones, but unlike the old ones, at least they weren’t like shoving pieces of glass into your cochleas. On the other hand, our supreme commander, Leander, thought they sounded as good as $150 dollar Beats. Which, come to think of it, might mean that we were agreeing.

Either way, the EarPods are the earbuds most people stick with when listening to their iDevice. But if you jog or are active, the EarPods have one big flaw: they fall out of your ears at just the hint of perspiration. But a new, $10 accessory solves that deficiency for good.

iPhone 5’s New Dock Connector To Be Called ‘Lightning’, New Earphones Called ‘Earpod’ [Rumor]


In today's forecast: Lightning!
In today's forecast: Lightning!

Wondering what Apple will call its new dock connector? No, it won’t be the “9-pin connector” — this is Apple we’re talking about, the company behind the Thunderbolt port. Instead, it’s expected to be labeled “Lightning,” and the kooky names don’t stop there. The Cupertino company is also expected to unveil a new set of earphones at its iPhone 5 event today, which will reportedly be called “Earpod,” along with a new iPod touch accessory called the “Loop.”