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Latest Tablo over-the-air DVR holds 700 hours of commercial-free shows


The Tablo QUAD 1TB can hold a crazy amount of TV shows
A new Tablo over-the-air DVR holds about a month of HD shows, and can stream them to your Apple device without ads.
Photo: Tablo/Cult of Mac

A Tablo over-the-air DVR released this week boasts 1 terabyte of internal storage. That’s enough space to hold 700 hours of HD shows. This digital video recorder from Nuvyyo captures up to four shows at once off free local airwaves, then streams them to a phone or tablet without ads.

Amazon’s next big thing could be a TiVo knockoff


Amazon Fire TV Stick
Amazon wants Fire TV to be embedded in more TVs.
Photo: Amazon

The biggest name in online retail is aiming its sights on putting TiVo out of business next.

Amazon is reportedly developing a new set top box that will allow users to record live TV, providing a way to side-step cable providers when it comes to watching content on-demand.

Sling TV brings cloud DVR feature to iOS


Sling TV cloud DVR
Save movies and TV shows to watch later with cloud DVR.
Photo: Sling TV

Sling TV’s awesome cloud DVR feature, which lets you record shows and movies to watch later, is finally available on iOS.

The service costs an extra $5 a month, for which you get 50 hours of storage, but there’s still no option to save your recordings offline.

New Hopper 3 DVR only lets you record 16 shows at once


Such a disappointment - only 16 shows at a time.
Such a disappointment - only 16 shows at a time.
Photo: Dish TV

Cult of Mac CES 2016 full coverageYou now have a new buddy to enable you to binge watch TV like never before.

DishTV just rolled out the Hopper 3 DVR, which lets you record up to 16 programs at once. Sixteen! Consider that the first DVR player in 1999 only let you record one show at a time.

It seems like DishTV is putting its eggs in a basket that contrasts nicely with the Apple TV streaming model; the Hopper 3 will store all your shows for you and not have an effect on your bandwidth bottom line.

New Apple Patent Reveals Upcoming Apple TV Set Could Have DVR Capabilities



Apple is expected to revolutionize television with a set of its own later this year, and while we’re all expecting the device to feature Siri, there’s very little else we know about it. But according to a relatively new Apple patent, credited to Steve Jobs, it may also feature digital video recording capabilities that allow you to save your favorite shows for viewing at a later date.