Make Organizing Your Downloads Folder Quick & Simple With Downloads For Mac


Is you downloads folder out of control? Use Downloads for Mac to tame it.
Is your downloads folder out of control? Use Downloads for Mac to tame it.

I don’t know about you, but the downloads folder on my Mac is one that I just cannot keep organized. Every so often I’ll trawl through it and delete all the stuff I don’t want, while filing the stuff I do want into other folders. But most of the time it just includes a heap of documents and images that I’ve picked up over a course of many months.

But Downloads for Mac is a simple app that can change this. It displays each and every item in your downloads folder — whether its at top level or buried deep within other folders — and makes it easier to see what you have going on in there. For those of you with downloads folders like mine, this should make the cleanup process much quicker, and much easier.

Use Two Obscure Keyboard Shortcuts for Big Results [OS X Tips]



Can’t find that file you just downloaded?
Keyboard shortcuts are for power users, right? Well, not ONLY them. Even relative newcomers to OS X tend to know about Command-C (Copy), Command-X (Cut), and Command-V (Paste). They might even know how to open the Applications Folder (Command-Shift-A) or the Utilities Folder (Command-Shift-U). But This one was new, even to me, a relatively seasoned user of Mac OS X. Popping open the Downloads folder from the Finder is simple, with a Command-Option-L. Be sure to thank us later. (Update: Or thank the ever vigilant folks in the comments for their good catch – we’re nothing if not responsive.)