“What Is This? A Social Network For Dogs?”



Just when you thought you had heard every wacky app concept going, here’s another you might not have considered: Facebook for dogs.

Okay, it’s not exactly Facebook, but the free Woof iOS app (from developer Woof Labs) is pretty much that — describing itself as “an ecosystem to bring dog lovers closer to their dogs and local dog communities.”

FitBit for Dogs – New Wearable iPhone App for Your Pet



Wearable tech has really started to take off over the last two years thanks in part to fitness trackers like the Nike Fuelband and FitBit. But while those companies are worrying about humans, a new company called Whistle is launching a new fitness tracker specifically for mans best friend.

The Whistle Activity Monitor is a little on-collar device that will track all of your dog’s activities, including rest, walks, playtime, and other activities. It’s kind of like a FitBit for dogs. The device comes with a slick iOS app too that lets you check in on your dogs stats throughout the day no matter where you are.

Sounds kind of crazy to buy a pet its own activity tracker, but when you consider most people only take there dog to the vet once every 3 years, Whistle will probably help you keep your pet in shape and enjoy a couple extra years together.

Here’s a video of how Whistle works:

The Absolute Worst iPhone 5 Delivery Experience Of All Time [Image]



Imagine powering through your work day, high off the anticipation of a new iPhone 5 waiting for you at home. You keep checking the UPS package tracking to make sure they drop it off and leave it on your back porch because you’re not there to bring it inside.

Pulling up to your house, you can feel your heartbeat pulsing with excitement in your fingertips, so you run to the backyard to retrieve the new love of your life. And there it is. Shredded to pieces by your cute doggy who really, really needed a chew toy. Does AppleCare+ cover dog attacks?

Source: Reddit

This Amazing TacoCopter App Will Airlift Delicious Tacos To You Using Robot Drones [Humor]


These are the taco droids you are looking for

Picture this: You’re at the park, playing with your dog, and an overwhelming hunger cripples you. God you need some tacos, but the nearest joint is 3 miles away, and they don’t like dogs. Don’t worry bro, TacoCopter is here to rescue you from your perils. Well it might be. I have no idea if this thing is real or not, but everything inside of me wants it to be because it combines three of my favorite things: robots, iPhone apps, and tacos. TacoCopter is a website that claims to a be a startup in San Francisco that will use magical flying robots to deliver tacos to your location.

Watch This Lizard Crush Ants In Its Favorite Smartphone Game [Video]




We’ve seen cats enthralled by tablets and dogs who just love iPhone adverts, but this is the first time we’ve seen a reptile playing smartphone games. In this video posted to YouTube by “ThatSpecialGuy,” a bearded dragon crushes ants using her tongue in her favorite smartphone game, Ant Crusher.

The video has already attracted a whopping 1.2 million views on YouTube. Surely this is now the world’s most famous lizard?