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This Apple Lens concept is so ugly I can’t look away


Apple Lens
These Apple Lenses are waterproofed with style.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa

Some pretty bad Apple Glasses concepts have graced the homepage of CultofMac over the last two years but this one might be the ugliest one yet. Most concepts go over-the-top with unrealistic tech features. This one has plenty of that, all wrapped up in some Neo Art Deco-style shades that somehow manage to look dorkier than the Microsoft HoloLens. It’s so bad, I’m absolutely fascinated.

If Apple’s long-rumored augmented reality headset looks anything like this we’re going to have to stage a intervention in Jony Ive’s design lab.

Warning — You can’t unsee this video:

Apple AR glasses concept is both futuristic and retro


Proposed Apple AR glasses would run realityOS, their own operating system.
Proposed Apple AR glasses would run realityOS, their own operating system.
Photo: Dominik Hofacker/ConceptsiPhone

An artist created a vision for a set of augmented reality glasses running a new Apple operating system. His concept video is built around the strong evidence that Apple is designing just such a product.

Watch the video now:

MacPad Pro stars in spectacular concept video


MacPad Pro concept video
MacPad Pro can be used as a MacBook or an iPad. Too bad it's just a dream.
Photo: ConceptsiPhone

A digital artist created a device that combines the best features of a MacBook and iPad Pro. The 2-in-1 can be used as giant tablet, folded into a clamshell laptop, or even configured into a smaller tablet or desktop.

The first phones with flexible screens are expected to be released this fall, and this device shows what might be possible when foldable displays go mainstream.

Apple should steal every idea from this amazing iOS 11 concept video


The iPad needs support for multiple users.
The iPad needs support for multiple users.
Photo: Jacek Zięba

Now that we know the date for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, it’s officially time to start dreaming of new features that should be added to iOS 11.

Concept designer Jacek Zięba kicked off the dreamfest with one of the coolest iOS concept videos we’ve seen in a while. Check it out:

Ultra-widescreen iPhone could be the best, craziest concept ever


Oh, you were happy with a 5.5-inch iPhone were you? Cute.
Photo: Sonitac

Unless your name is Timothy Donald Cook, or you could get away with calling him T.C. to his face, chances are you don’t know exactly what Apple’s got planned for its next-gen iPhone 7.

Apple probably doesn’t have the idea of a “widescreen” iPhone 7 — complete with magically expanding display — in mind, but as wacky concept videos go, a new video from designers Sonitac is not only beautifully put together, but genuinely something I’ve not seen before.

Check it out below.