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DJ Charlie Sloth will bring fire to the booth on Beats 1


Charlie Sloth 1
Charlie Sloth is joining Apple from the BBC.
Screenshot: Beats 1/YouTube

Former BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra DJ Charlie Sloth has officially joined Apple. The Charlie Sloth Rap Show on Beats 1 starts 12pm PT/3pm ET on Saturday January 19.

“I feel that U.K. music is in a place that it’s never been in my whole time supporting the culture in the way that I have,” Sloth told Beats presenter Zane Lowe in an interview. “I feel that it’s desired in a way it’s never been before globally — and with Apple Music and Beats 1 I feel that I offer something to these artists in the UK that no other platform can offer at the moment.”

UK hip-hop DJ Charlie Sloth leaves BBC for Apple Music


Charlie Sloth 1
Sloth during one of his famous "Fire in the Booth" segments.
Screenshot: BBC/YouTube

Following in the footsteps of fellow ex-BBC presenter Zane Lowe and others, UK-based hip-hop DJ Charlie Sloth will be leaving his job presenting on the BBC to join Apple Music.

Sloth is a presenter on both BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. He has been a BBC broadcaster for the past decade, and is best known for hosting the popular rap freestyle segment, “Fire in the Booth.”