Donald Trump forced to give up his beloved Android


Donald Trump Liberty University
Trump won't be tweeting from a Samsung for a while.
Photo: Washington Post (via YouTube)

Donald Trump has been forced to give up his beloved Android smartphone as he steps into the White House.

He has now been issued a “secure, encrypted device approved by the Secret Service,” alongside a new phone number that only a few people will posses.

White House won’t back bill forcing tech companies to break encryption


Having not one but two U.S. presidents in your fan base is pretty good going. Sadly, President Barack Obama is not allowed an iPhone as part of his official wardrobe and is stuck on BlackBerry. That hasn’t stopped him from openly lusting after the iPhone 6 in recent pics, though. He’s also admitted to spending hours each day on his iPad.Photo:
President Barack Obama is playing it cool when it comes to encryption.
Photo: Pete Souza/Wikipedia CC

The White House is refusing to publicly support new draft legislation that would give judges the right to force tech companies like Apple to help law enforcement break encrypted data.

The measure was put forward by Sens. Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein, respectively the Republican chair and top Democrat of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Both Burr and Feinstein have been contacted by the FBI regarding a briefing on how the bureau was able to circumvent iPhone encryption on an older Apple device.

Obama warns against ‘absolutist views’ on encryption


Obama at SXSW
President Obama spoke at SXSW Interactive today.

President Barack Obama was in Austin, Texas, for the opening day of the South by Southwest Interactive festival, and talk turned inevitably to the current tension between law enforcement and tech companies on subjects like security and citizen privacy.

The president couldn’t comment on the specific case that has Apple and the FBI fighting over whether the government can compel a private company to provide access to a locked device (in this case, an iPhone 5c belonging to San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook). But he did provide some insight into the government’s view of the ongoing legal battle.

You can check out the whole conversation in the video below; the session starts about 39 minutes in.

Obama uses Fitbit to get a fit bod while snubbing Apple Watch


Obama decided against an Apple Watch.
Photo: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

When it comes to wearables, Barack Obama has given the POTUS stamp of approval to the Fitbit Surge, leaving the Apple Watch out in the cold.

Viewers got a glimpse of Obama’s presidential wrist during his recent appearance on Jerry Seinfeld’s web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Given that Obama’s previously been open about his inability to own an iPhone (which the Apple Watch needs in order to operate) due to security concerns, it’s no surprise he would opt for a Fitbit.

Still, it’s another compelling example of why the Apple Watch 2 needs to be more of a standalone device!

Obama shuns Apple Music to share vacation playlists


Maybe the coolest, most tech savvy president ever.
Maybe the coolest, most tech savvy president ever.
Photo: The White House

“Welcome to Spotify, Mr. President,” tweeted the streaming music giant Friday morning. That’s right: The president of the United States just shared two vacation playlists — and he didn’t use Apple Music.

The two music lists, titled “The President’s Summer Playlist: Day” and “The President’s Summer Playlist: Night,” contain 20 songs each, showing an eclectic taste with a diverse artist representation, including the Isley Brothers, Bob Dylan, Otis Redding and (ugh) Coldplay.

Obama tweeting from an iPhone isn’t all that it seems


Barry sending his first tweet from an iPhone.
Barry sending his first tweet from an iPhone.
Photo: White House

The Apple-watching world lost its shiz yesterday when Obama made his first tweet from his brand-new presidential Twitter account using an iPhone. But don’t get too excited, because the White House has revealed that the phone in question isn’t Obama’s regular handset after all.

Which prompts the question, “Who did it belong to?” Maybe Apple should commission JFK director Oliver Stone to shoot an advert/paranoid conspiracy thriller on the subject of the Obama iPhone.

Barack Obama writes his first tweet from an iPhone


Barry sending his first tweet from an iPhone.
President Obama sending his first tweet.
Photo: White House

  President Barack Obama is finally ready to enter the age of social media. After sitting behind the Resolute desk for six years, the president finally opened his own Twitter account today, but rather than using his hacker-proof BlackBerry to send his first message, POTUS turned to an Apple product.

Here’s his first tweet, sent from an iPhone:

9 of the most famous Apple fanboys of all time



Who loves you, Apple?

When you make the most desirable phones, tablets and computers on the planet, it’s no surprise that you’d rack up a few celebrity fans. Everyone from Hollywood actors to politicians carries an iPhone, while Apple’s never been afraid to pull in big names to star in its ads. But who are the real enthusiasts among the pack? Scroll through the gallery above to see the nine biggest celebrity Apple fanboys in existence.

Photo: Apple

Bill Clinton

Apple board member Al Gore’s not the only Washington politico to be enamored with Apple products. Right from the start, former President Bill Clinton was an iPhone user, subsequently telling a tech audience gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the dot-com Internet domain name that it was his "favorite device."

Clinton was good friends with Steve Jobs, too — even making a personal trip to see the Apple CEO in 2011, when Jobs was on medical leave. My favorite Clinton/Jobs story? That Jobs once cornered Clinton at a charity fundraiser and asked him to personally request that Tom Hanks record the narration for an Apple advert. Clinton politely declined.

Photo: Our Inner Hero

Stephen Fry

There are few Apple fans more enthusiastic than actor, author and TV presenter Stephen Fry, who even dedicates whole chapters of his autobiography to describing the impact the Macintosh had on his life. Fry was in Cupertino for the unveiling of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch last month. Thoughts from the ever-eloquent thesp? “Want, want, want; drool, drool drool.”

That about sums it up.


John Mayer

Apple has always attracted — and been marketed to — creatives, so it’s no surprise that there would be plenty of musicians among the company’s fan base. For years, Apple’s go-to performer (and one of Steve Jobs’ favorite musicians) was John Mayer, who appeared at numerous Macworld events and was one of the few contemporary artists on Jobs’ iPod.

“I first met Steve in 2003, over the phone, when I cold-called him to tell him I was a devout fan of all things Apple and would love to be involved in whatever way I could with the company,” Mayer wrote on his personal blog, which was later taken down. “I remember the call extremely well; me on my hotel room bed, fidgeting and doodling and circuitously explaining that all I could really explain was that I wanted to have a relationship. I got nervous at one point and started second guessing myself and my intentions for calling, to which Steve replied ‘Don’t worry, I have a very good bullsh*t detector.’”

Unfortunately Mayer fell out with Jobs after agreeing to take on BlackBerry as a sponsor, which explains the strangely harsh mention the musician is given in Walter Isaacson’s biography of the late Apple CEO.

Photo: Truejustice/Wikipedia


Their album giveaway may not have gone down in history as one of Apple’s best marketing moves, but there’s no doubting that U2’s relationship with Cupertino goes a lot deeper than just the latest iTunes Radio promotion. There’s a reason U2 singer Bono called Tim Cook the “zen master of hardware and software.”

Photo: Wikipedia

Douglas Adams

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy scribe Douglas Adams was an Apple fan from the 1980s until his tragic death in 2001 at the age of 49. While it’s all well and good to be a celebrity Apple fan here in 2014, Adams passed away before seeing the company rise to become the global giant it is today.

“What I (and I think everyone who bought [the Macintosh] in the early days) fell in love with was not the machine itself, which was ridiculously slow and underpowered, but a romantic idea of the machine,” Adams wrote of the original 1984 Macintosh. "And that romantic idea has to sustain me through the realities of actually working on the 128K Mac.” Years later the technology had gotten better — and Adams’ love of Apple had only deepened. His last message board post? Geeking out over the thrill of installing Mac OS X.

Photo: Michael Hughes/Wikipedia

Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton's best-selling thriller novels — ranging from Jurassic Park to Pray — focused on what would happen if tomorrow’s technology was available in today’s world. Is it any real surprise that the man was an Apple fan?

Among the most touching tributes to Crichton upon his death in 2008 was this piece from Macworld, in which the author reports how the novelist personally chipped in to keep a website dedicated to Mac OS X tips going. Crichton even sent an autographed copy of his book Timeline with the check. A true fan!

Photo: Michael Crichton


Jimmy Kimmel

Late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel might poke fun at Apple products on the regular, but it’s hard to think of anyone who dedicates more television air time to celebrating his unabashed enthusiasm for everything Cupertino. His mocked-up giant iPad also made me irrationally jealous.

Photo: High Times

Jerry Seinfeld

Was there a better subconscious Apple ad than the fact that Jerry’s apartment in Seinfeld featured a Macintosh in the background throughout the show's 180-episode run?

At the start, it’s a 1987 Macintosh SE, followed by a 1992 PowerBook Duo in a Duo Dock with external monitor. After that, Jerry bumped up to a 1994 Power Macintosh 6100 before moving on to a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh near the end of the series.

When the Seinfeld set was put back together for the “reunion” episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, one of the only significant changes made was yet another Apple upgrade — with Jerry now apparently owning an iMac.

Photo: PCMag

President Barack Obama

Having not one but two U.S. presidents in your fan base is pretty good going. Sadly, President Barack Obama is not allowed an iPhone as part of his official wardrobe and is stuck on BlackBerry. That hasn’t stopped him from openly lusting after the iPhone 6 in recent pics, though. He’s also admitted to spending hours each day on his iPad.


Obama Is A House Of Cards Fan, And Tim Cook Says They Had A “Great Meeting” Today


Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 3.49.30 PM

Yesterday the White House announced that President Obama would be meeting with a number of tech executives today about, the NSA, and how tech is converging the public and private sectors. Another topic of discussion ended up being Netflix’s popular House of Cards series, and apparently Obama is a fan.

While leaving the panel with the President and 14 other American executives, Tim Cook told a reporter that they had “a great meeting.”