British Prime Minister To Run The Country With The Help Of A Personalized iPad App



British Prime Minister David Cameron is having a personalized iPad app built by programmers inside the Cabinet Office that will provide him with the latest information he needs to run the country, The Telegraph reports. The app, which was inspired by advisers after a trip to the U.S., will compile real-time information like NHS waiting-list figures, crime statistics, unemployments numbers, and more all in one place.

The app will also provide news information from Google, Twitter and The Times, according to the report. David Cameron famously uses an iPad — like U.S. President Barrack Obama — to keep abreast of the day’s news, and tune into his favorite radio programs, the report says.

However, it’s unlikely he uses the device for email, preferring instead to receive handwritten notes and text messages.

The app is expected to be ready by March of next year.

[via The Next Web]