President Obama Uses A DODOCase With His iPad 2 [Image]



Click the image above to embiggen.See that notebook to the left (his right) of a casually-dressed President Obama? That’s not a notebook, it’s the iPad 2 3G Obama got “a little bit early” from Steve Jobs, wrapped in a Moleskine-like DODOcase.

DODOcase must be beside themselves. They’ve got a good claim to being the only iPad case manufacturer personally endorsed by the President of the United States himself.

[via TNW]

  • Ed_Kel

    I wish Obama had respect for the PEOPLE’S oval office. Tie and coat, just like Reagan and Bush.

  • 1TheTruth11111

    Are you serious?

  • Ed_Kel


  • Tom Edwards

    Obama got it wrong! The DoDo sucks ass compared to the Portenzo!

  • Chris Walston

    He has a point. Respect for the office is at a all time low. And that is just one reason  

  • Lisa8755

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  • Erik Chavez


  • Sean Leroy

    U said it not me….LOL

  • vicky729

    Embiggen….not really a word. Why do people keep using it. What’s so hard about saying “make larger”

  • Chris Gray

     i love ’embiggen’. heeh. who says we shouldn’t make up new words?

  • Chris Gray

    hmm is that desk dusty or in need of a refurbishment?

  • Ed_Kel

    I can’t believe you deleted my comment thread, CoM. IMO he should be wearing a damn coat and tie in that office!

    Complete bullshit.

    You run a blog site and encourage your readers to engage and debate, then delete a comment only expressing frustration with a president who can’t wear a tie and coat in the oval office.


  • chapps

    Oh, man. Can’t you Obama haters just take a break every now and then? Tiresome. Even Reagan and George W had days when they wouldn’t wear a tie and jacket in the Oval Office. Usually a weekend or after hours. God, get a grip.

    Anyway, back to the reason for the posting. Are we sure that’s a DODOcase and not one of the competitors, like Portenzo? I had to move to Portenzo after my second DODO fell apart. The bamboo frame was the culprit (along with the rubber bumpers) each time. But I like DODO’s creative new projects.

  • TechUser2011

    Embiggen is a perfectly cromulent word.

  • Jamees West

    DODO is originally an endemic bird from the island of Mauritius .Funny though they dont seem to mention that anywhere on their website despite using the bird as their image.

  • DanBeau

    if anyone wants a 10%, use this link
    I just got mine, nice cases :)

  • charliesheenhardcore

    It’s also great that the dodo cases are all america made!

  • realchrisjones

    It looks a little bulky

  • Howie Isaacks

    Actually, it’s well known that George W. Bush insisted on a tie in the Oval Office. You’re wrong.

  • Howie Isaacks

    I think COM has a little too much Obama love.  When we throw him out next year, I’m wondering if his Republican replacement will also get attention from COM if he/she is a Mac or iOS user.  At any rate, I couldn’t care less what Obama uses.

  • Ed_Kel

    Thank you. And for the record, my post wasn’t partisan and the comment you replied to was to address my outrage with CoM flagging and deleting a harmless comment.

  • DanBeau

    if anyone wants a 10% off discount, use this link
    **remove the ( and the )
    got my case today

  • Capt Soto

    As did Ronald Reagan. He said he never would dare go into the oval office without a coat and tie. 

  • chapps

    Not that this is at all important, but you’re correct that GW wanted formality in the OO and insisted on jacket and tie. But he was willing to break the jacket rule. Obama insists on jacket and tie on *weekdays* but will forgo them on weekends.

    Us west coast (and Hawaiian) people always laugh at the idea of extreme formality for formality’s sake. For instance (Capt Soto), Ronald Regan frequently went without tie or jacket (and even wore western shirts and casual pants) when he didn’t have a lot of meetings, on holidays or weekends. Don’t believe me? Go here:….

    RR was a westerner, not some uptight preppie ivy league type (and, yes, GW and his dad do qualify – and I speak as both a westerner and an east coast preppie). Man, you Obama haters just have *no* perspective. Anyway, hooray for DODO, if that’s their case. Don’t hate ’em because Obama loves ’em.   :)

  • chapps

    So wrong. So, so, so wrong. You obviously aren’t a Californian or a westerner. Reagan was, and wore casual clothes all around the White House when he wasn’t in meetings. See the other post, where I included the link to the pic showing Reagan in a casual red shirt and blue jeans, while signing papers in the Oval Office. Jeez, give it a rest.

  • chapps

    What’s with the right wing constant state of ‘outrage’? Take a chill pill and come back down to earth, so that we can discuss things like DODOcases, et al (I’m up for discussing the monetary/fiscal crisis in the Eurozone or the jobs crisis in the U.S., too, but not here).

  • Lindsey Klemash

    yes, I think so . I want a slim one..


    This is kid of old news. App judgement did a story on Obama’s Dodocase about 6 months ago.

  • Lindsey Klemash

    Maybe..they can do it.

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