Today in Apple history: Apple strikes deal with toymaking giant to produce Pippin


The Pippin wasn't the savior Apple was hoping for.
Photo: All About Apple

December 13: Today in Apple history: Apple licenses Mac tech to Bandai, Japan's largest toymaker, for new Pippin videogame console December 13, 1994: Apple strikes a deal with Bandai, Japan’s largest toymaker, to license Mac technology for the creation of a new videogame console.

Based on the PowerPC 603 CPU and running a stripped-down, CD-ROM-based version of Mac OS, Apple calls the resulting game machine the “Pippin.” Unfortunately, it becomes a total sales disaster.


Would you buy an Apple console?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Unbearably Cute (Or Sinister) iPhone-Powered Dogs



These iPhone-powered doggies are ridiculously cute. The little fellas use iPhones for their faces and brains, and can shuffle around the table (or neighborhood, we guess), barking, blinking and even sneezing. It’s a little like a virtual pet, only real.