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How to change your voice with different sound effects


Quickly and easily change the voice in your audio or video with Wondershare UniConverter.
Quickly and easily change the voice in your audio or video with UniConverter.
Photo: Wondershare

This post on changing voices in audio and video is brought to you by Wondershare.

Voice changer tools are among some of the most fun and innovative wonders around. Using such tools, you can easily change your voice into a different form, ranging from childish innocence to robotic monotones. The internet is filled with such voice-changing tools, but how would you know what works best?

In the following post, you will learn about the easy-to-use voice changer offered by Wondershare UniConverter, a toolbox containing everything you might need for audio and video editing. Let’s get started!

Sound designer’s setup powers a home office and AV wonderland [Setups]


Widescreen monitor
When you have more gear than you use, it's time to break it down to basic needs.
Photo: Gareth Owen

Gareth Owen is a London-based professional sound designer whose job involves extensive CAD and acoustic modeling, but he also does sound effects work and multitrack mixing.

So he built a setup that functions as both his home office and a basic home studio.

Logic Pro X and MainStage 3 get updated with tons of new tweaks


Logic Pro X
Logic Pro X is the go-to software for audio pros.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s professional audio editing software, Logic Pro X, got a sizeable update today, bringing a host of new features to make editing and mixing music even easier.

Logic Pro X version 10.4.2 now allows users to save space on their Mac’s hard drive by relocating the Sound Library to external storage. There’s also a ton of performance fixes as well as tons of tweaks aimed at making editing faster.

Save 81% on this powerful audio editing app for the non-engineers among us [Deals]


A full-featured audio editing app that doesn't require an engineering degree to use.
A full-featured audio editing app that doesn't require an engineering degree to use.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Making sounds is something anybody can enjoy, whether it’s a beat, song, podcast, overdubs for a home movie. But the intimidating complexity of most audio editing software is enough to send someone to eBay looking for a tape recorder. TwistedWave is the audio production app for the rest of us, an intuitive way of creating full, rich recordings without extensive technical know-how, and right now you can get a copy for just $15.

Apple brings award-winning synth back from the dead


The new Alchemy synthesizer is center-stage in today's updates to Logic Pro X and MainStage 3.
Photo: Apple

Apple released updates today for Logic Pro X and MainStage 3, adding a famous synthesizer and other fun goodies. This synthesizer, called Alchemy, for the most part isn’t an Apple original – it was previously an award-winning piece of software from Camel Audio, which Apple acquired at the beginning of the year. Now it has officially resurfaced in Apple’s professional audio apps.

XO Brings Real Time Collaborative Audio Editing [NAMM 2013]



By Andy Patrizio

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Rising from the ashes of XO Wave, a digital audio workstation for editing music WAV files, comes Xonami, a real-time Internet-based audio editing tool that allows two or more people to work on a music file from different locations while keeping their changes up to date.

As one person makes changes, they are rolled into the work of others. As changes come in, you see them updated on the screen. The connection between the users is secured and files are stored in the cloud. Producers or mixers can either work on existing sound files or they can capture a live recording and work on it in real time, and no one has to be in the same room.

Xonami is still in beta test but users can sign up with a mailing list to keep up to date.