Jony Ive wants to design a soap dispenser


Apple Design Boss Jony Ive has some low-tech ambitions.
Photo: Apple

After developing some of the most iconic tech products of the last two decades, Apple’s design boss Jony Ive has some astonishingly low-tech ambitions when it comes to the future.

During a recent interview at a conference organized by the Norman Foster Foundation, Jony Ive gave a surprising answer when what futuristic product he would like to design next.

“A soap dispenser,” Ive replied.

Even though Ive has been with Apple since 1992 and helped design the iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, he’s always had a fascination with simple everyday objects. When he’s not busy designing tech products, Ive has been known to partner with BFF Marc Newson to design more ordinary items like a minimalist desk or Leica camera.

Ive explained to the Financial Times that he believes the whole point of design is to celebrate being human. To do that, Ive says designers should create objects that solve key problems with breathtaking simplicity, such as how to wash your hands.

“There aren’t any good soap dispensers,” Ive explained, saying that it “really bothers” him now he’s on a quest to find or create a great soap dispenser. How Ive plans to bring design innovation to the soap dispenser wasn’t revealed, but the Apple design boss has all kinds of futuristic design plans in the fields of aerospace and self-driving cars.

Before joining Apple, Jony Ive was working on a project for Ideal Standard in UK that focused on redesigning the bathroom sink, bidet and toilet. Maybe when he’s tired of earning millions from Apple Ive will pick the pivotal design project back up.