iOS 11 brings big UI changes, smarter Siri and much more


iOS 11 is Apple's biggest update in years.
iOS 11 is Apple's biggest update in years.
Photo: Apple

Developers received an early look at iOS 11 today, Apple’s next big update for iPhones and iPads that adds a host of new features and user-interface changes to make iOS devices better than ever.

“Today we’re going to take the world’s best and most advanced operating system and turn it up to 11,” said Tim Cook.

iOS 11 contains some of the most significant updates to the operating system since it was overhauled in iOS 7 with a new look. Not only is Apple adding a ton of new features and UI changes to the iPhone and iPad. The company is also making its first big steps into augmented reality and machine learning.

Siri Gets Smarter

Siri got some big updates, one of the most noticeable to users will be its new female and male voices that sound more natural. It packs a new translation feature that will work with English to Chinese and five other languages. SiriKit can do more than ever too.

In iOS 11, Siri uses on-device learning to bring up topics and notifications that you might be interested. What’s learned on the device is synced across all devices so that Siri is more personalized just to you.

The Camera app on iOS 11 has been updated with a new video compression format that will use lets storage on your device without reducing quality. With new machine learning features, the Photos app now creatures more intelligent Memories that curate your video and photos into short videos you can watch.

There are a number of new filters that can be applied to Live Photos. You can now turn the short moving images into a Boomerang-type photo. Another option lets you turn Live Photos into long exposures by stacking all the pics on top of each other.

Improved Control Center

control center iOS 11

Control Center in iOS 11 is now a single page that is full of simple switches, music data, volume controls and other switches. 3D Touch makes the Control Center feel more fully featured by offering extra options when you hard press on certain controls.

The Lock Screen and Notification Center are now merged into one screen. You can swipe down from the top of your device to go back to the Notifications and view them individually.

Productivity features received a much needed boost with Apple unveiling a new Files app and Drag and Drop feature that will help streamline workflows.

Magical Messages


Messages gets a fresh coat of paint with a redesigned app drawer that makes it easier to find your favorite stickers. Conversations are now automatically synchronized across all of your Macs and iOS devices.

Apple Pay also got a big update with the addition of person-to-person payments. You can now use iMessage to send somebody money. If you receive money, it goes to an Apple PayCash card. Funds can then be transferred to your bank.

Maps are getting better with new indoor maps for malls and airports. Navigation now shows you your speed limit and lane guidance. A new Do Not Disturb While Driving feature will keep users eyes on the road by automatically detecting when you’re driving and turning off the iPhone’s display.

Redesigned App Store

App Store‘s catalog of music.

With the App Store turning nine years old, Apple decided it was time to bust out some big changes for developers and customers. The app has been completely redesigned to have a simplified UI that looks a lot like Apple News and Apple Music.

Now when you visit the App Store you’ll see five tabs: Today, Games, Apps, Updates and Search. When you open the app, you’ll see a recommended list of apps in the Today tab.

  • judda

    So complete and utter crap then, where’s the ghost of Steve kicking ass and firing idiots.

    Had a new Apple TV delivered last month came in spanish as default, I’m British !

    2 x iPhone 6S battery replacements last year, iPad Pro one was replaced this year.

    Apple are really starting to hurt my good will !

    • BGuss72

      I have to agree.

      • judda

        Thank you so much for agreeing with me, I thought I was going to get flamed for expressing my opinion. Does anyone know voodoo as we need Steve back !

    • Samsung Defense Force

      If you guys feel this way why do you keep buying Apple products. Go look elsewhere.

      • judda

        Hi Samsung ok when I got my first Mac I was wow’d and the love affair started that was decades ago – before Steve left Apple !

        Had one of the first iPhones – damn thing saved my life more then once as I ride motorbikes all over the world.

        iPads first to own and use it for business, Apple TVs first again to have TV do what I wanted it to MacBooks etc

        They used to work great now it’s not working nothing gels, I think I’ve posted on one of the other iOS sections on my kit list and what doesn’t work.

        Until last year i was such a fanboy you would have laughed always defending my Apple even when I knew it wasnt the same. Now I’m like a parent who knows their kid have gone off of the rails and I’m at the point of giving up.

        Woz was write the other week APPLE really are too big now to innovate ! They have so much cash they aren’t hungry !

        Phone design went stale when Jonny said I have my Lecia moment now ! As he thinks he has hit his ideal – Steve would be shouting at him.

        Software is behind droid for gods sake !

        Siri is in no shape to run the new product. You know it, I know it Apple knows it, but they are still pushing it out ! That has got to scream volumes about Apples decline !

        Look forward to hearing back from you.

      • Samsung Defense Force

        With all that being said what are you going to do about it? I mean really do?

        Will you stay and keep buying and complaining when they come up short or will you leave?

        From everything you wrote I can’t see how you could justify buying another Apple product. You don’t have to give them all up, you don’t have to do it all at once but maybe it’s time to look elsewhere.

        I say the same thing to people always complaining​ about Samsung. They pissed me off once and I dropped them like a hot potato, they almost did it a second time and again I was going back to iOS.

        When a company sees that their users will buy whatever they sell them they see no reason to ever improve or try something new.

      • judda

        Yup and that’s why I’m taking a huge great sweaty wad of cash away from Apple – luckily I can get back most of what I paid for hardware, so that takes the sting out of things. I will keep the Mac Minis as they make great temporay servers when clients ones die.

        But really can’t see me buying another iPad or Phone from them. It’s like the other guy said IOS on each new rollout gets heavier and slower forcing you to upgrade, Steve would never have done that to us !

        I’m quitting the cycle, Apple will have to wait and see if it’s just me or if it’s 100,000s like me.

        And if enough people like me leave they will notice the blip and rethink things.

        But until then long live the campus that Apple have put so much time and effort in to, shame they didn’t do it with the stuff they sell !

      • Samsung Defense Force

        Fair enough, well see what happens. Thanks for your willingness to share your feelings.

  • BGuss72

    Nothing “new”. Just more glitz and glam. Less functionality and user friendly features. Still haven’t even incorporated the resolution settings for camera (still and video) with in the app itself. Have to keep going to settings to do so. Hardly user friendly. And something I’m sure isn’t very hard to do.

    I can pretty much guarantee that my 6S (which was running very nicely on iOS 9 that it came with, then slowed down a bit when I updated to iOS 10.2 And slower still on iOS 10.3.1), will run even slower on iOS 11. Forcing me to either deal with it, or upgrade to the latest iPhone. Since the my 3GS, and iOS 4 (the first iOS that was the beginning of the end for me), every iteration of the iOS on older devices, slowed it down considerably. To the point that I started to believe that it was by design.

    Frustrate people enough to upgraded to the latest and greatest. Newer iOS version were meant to “support” older devices, but weren’t meant to run optimally on those older devices. Causing lags, and glitches for every update after that. I see no difference with iOS 11. It WILL slow down my decent running 6S. And if I upgrade to the latest iPhone when iOS 11 is released, it will run like “The Flash”. Until the next iOS version.

    Once is a glitch. Twice is coincidental. Three times is a pattern. And every time after that, is definitely intentional. Jobs would be rolling and screaming in his grave to know what Cooke has done to his company.

    • Samsung Defense Force

      But you keep coming back for more, why?

    • judda

      Lmao I totally agree – don’t go through the drive though they @@@@ you at the drive through !

      Samsung again you didn’t read what this guy is saying – same as my view iPhone 6s will probably be my last Apple phone and then looking elsewhere, so won’t be returning.

      I’ve invested heavily in the Apple info structure, £1000’s in Apps
      £8,000 on kit over the last 3 years. But then again I work in Tech !

      And if I’m ready to bail with that much spend you know it’s getting rotten !