Apple's "evasion" of the rules is "gross," according to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney.
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Apple reaches out to developers with free, live Tech Talks 2021


Apple reaches out to developers with free, live Tech Talks
Series of online sessions and one-on-one conversations will support developers.
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Apple will provide one-on-one guidance to developers in a series of online events dubbed Tech Talks 2021. There will be presentations from Apple experts, each followed by a Q&A session. Plus experts will open their virtual doors in “office hours” meetings.

The free series will include more than 100 live sessions and 1,500 office hours. All coming from Apple locations around the world in multiple time zones.


App Store
Running an App Store isn’t easy. But CEO Tim Cook says it’s one Apple needs to do.
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App Store privacy labels are new, and there have been criticism.
The purpose of the App Store privacy labels is to help users understand what data is collected and how it is used.
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Female tech entrepreneurs get guidance from Apple at upcoming camp


iPhone app development can be very profitable, and Apple has a new program to help more women get in the business.
Female founders and developers can apply to attend an Apple Entrepreneur Camp in summer 2021.
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Women are underrepresented in tech, but Apple hopes to change that. On Monday, it began taking applications for an Entrepreneur Camp for female founders and developers to be held summer of 2021.

Previous such camps have been in Apple’s home town of Cupertino, but this one will be online because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple wants its Mac mini developer transition kits back early


Mac mini with ARM chip
The time of the Mac mini Developer Transition Kit is rapidly drawing to a close.
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Apple told developers on Wednesday that they are expected to soon return the Mac mini that they used to test macOS Big Sur running on Apple Silicon. This is less time than the one-year lease of the Developer Transition Kit was supposed to last.

The devs paid $500 to lease the specially modified desktops in 2020. They aren‘t getting that money back, but Apple will compensate them for returning the unit. Still, some developers are peeved.


Those who earn less than $1 million a year will pay just 15%.
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A new App Store policy makes it easy to suggest a change to the guidelines
A new App Store policy makes requesting a change to App Review Guidelines as easy as filling out a form.
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Apple plans to make its app developer language more inclusive


iOS 13.5 golden master is available only to developers.
Apple is changing terms to make them more inclusive.
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Apple has made plenty of public-facing moves to show its push for diversity in tech. But it’s making some behind-the-scenes changes, too — like tweaking the terms in its developer ecosystem to remove words the company no longer considers appropriate.

Examples include switching “master” code repository to “main” code repository, and changing “blacklist” to “deny list.” Here’s what Apple had to say in its announcement:

How the creator of Where Cards Fall shuffled the deck and won big


Where Cards Fall is one of the best available on Apple Arcade.
The creator of Where Cards Fall shares his thoughts on creating an award-winning game.
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Sam Rosenthal held onto his determination to make Where Cards Fall for almost a decade. And it’s paid off, as the game garnered a 2020 Apple Design Award.

In a lengthy interview with Apple, the developer shared insights into the design process for this title. Including how he tends to think of games as buildings the players move around in.

Aspiring developers might learn from his experiences.