Susan Kare’s original Mac icon designs go on show in New York


Photo: Fast Company
Susan Kare helped define the personality of the Macintosh. Photo: Fast Company/Susan Kare

As the artist responsible for the famous icons used for the original Macintosh, Susan Kare played an immensely important role in personal computer history. A new exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York pays homage to the queen of pixel art — while giving Mac fans a chance to see Kare’s original graph paper designs in the process.

Called “This is for Everyone: Design Experiments For The Common Good” (the name comes from a phrase from World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee), the exhibition also features other classic bits of computer iconography, including @ symbol, Google Maps Pin and the Creative Commons logo.

Why Steve Jobs replaced the Mac’s  key with ⌘

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Graphic designer Susan Kare is iconic — literally. The mastermind behind the friendly 32 x 32 and 16 x 16 icons used in the original Mac operating system, Kare’s work has reached more people than almost any other graphic designer on Earth.

Yet the way she stumbled into designing the icons for the Mac operating system was pretty much a lark, and in a recent presentation at the EG conference in California, Kare spoke a little bit about how she stumbled into the job.

It’s a fascinating talk, not just for the details she shares about early Mac operating system development, but also because Kare finally reveals why Apple switched from the Apple symbol to the Command key.

Designer Of Original Macintosh Icons Gives Thumbs Up To iOS 7


iOS 7 is a bold, radical departure from Apple’s previous design aesthetic, and as such, there’s a lot of controversy right now as people struggle to figure out what they think of the new look. It’s only natural that we’re in such flux to come to terms with what we think about iOS 7: what could be more personal than the interface of the one gadget with which we have our most personal connection?

One person who has no such reservations about the design of iOS 7, though, is Susan Kare, the woman who designed many of the original Macintosh operating system’s timeless and most beloved icon.