Everything You Need To Know About The Apple Vs. Samsung Trial [Day Five]



Keeping up with all the latest Apple vs Samsung happenings can be tough, and confusing. The trials is underway in San Jose California. Some days are filled with interesting witnesses taking the stand, while others are packed with lawyers hammering boring witnesses with silly questions.

To help you keep up on the Apple vs Samsung trial we’re compiling each day’s events into one short news story that consists of the best tweets from the reporters there on the scene. Here’s everything you need to about what happened in the Apple vs Samsung Trial on day five, August 7th.

  • benandarchie1

    This is bad. Really bad, whatever side your on. Imagine a world without samsung, android. and the whole market was dominated by apple. There would be no competition, no innovation. Trails like these are alway bad for the consumer. If apple wins it would halt almost all tablet and smartphone sales in the US. If samsung wins then they will get 2.5% of each iPhone. That would ruin the market.