Mac Icon Designer Susan Kare Will Testify In Apple Versus Samsung Trial


Kare designed the famous
Kare designed the famous "Happy Mac" icon and many others we still use today.

Susan Kare, the graphic designer famous for creating a number of icons for the Macintosh, will be called as a witness in the ongoing trial between Apple and Samsung. Kare will reportedly talk about the similarities between the user interface graphics on the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy devices.

Kare designed the Mac’s “Happy Mac” startup icon, the Command symbol, the trash can, and many others — some of which are still in use today. She also designed a number of icons don’t just appear on the Mac, but are now standard in software interface design, such as the lasso and paint bucket.

Kare also designed a number of typefaces, and worked as a Creative Director at NeXT, the computer company Steve Jobs founded after leaving Apple in 1985. She later went on to work for Microsoft and IBM.

Apple has long argued that Samsung’s Galaxy devices steal from its iPhone, and the company is reportedly hoping that Kare can highlight the similarities between icon designs in iOS and those in Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface for Android.

Source: Macworld