Pinterest hires former Apple designer Susan Kare


Early Apple designer Susan Kare.
Early Apple designer Susan Kare.
Photo: Photo: Ann Rhoney

As part of the original Macintosh team back in the 80s, Susan Kare created some of Apple’s earliest typefaces and icons, but now the famous designer is ready to bring her iconic skills to Pinterest, as the company’s newest design lead.

Pinterest has hired Kare to be part of the company’s creative team, where she’ll be working as a product design lead, the company told TechCrunch. Kare’s first day at Pinterest this week, and she’ll be reporting to the company’s head of design, Bob Baxley, another former Apple employee who joined the company last year.

During her time at Pinterest, Kare will be responsible for Pinterest’s interface on apps and the website. She hasn’t been assigned any specific projects yet, but will like be doing things like designing Buyable Pins and App Pins.

Kare created the Chicago, Monaco, and Geneva typefaces that were used by Apple until the early days of the iPods. She also worked closely with Steve Jobs at NeXT as creative director.