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Today is your last chance to save over 10% on the Ring Video Doorbell [Deals]

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Protect your property with the Ring Video Doorbell — the state-of-the-art home-security system. Named one of the Top 10 Gadgets of 2014 by Time magazine, it’s only $199 with Cult of Mac Deals.

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Samsung’s smart home platform beats HomeKit to Apple Watch

Control your smart home from your Apple Watch, courtesy of... Samsung? Photo: SmartThings

Control your smart home from your Apple Watch, courtesy of… Samsung? Photo: SmartThings

Although it’s poised to win the smart home war eventually, Apple’s HomeKit is still half-baked. Case in point: hardly any smart home accessories officially integrate with it yet, let alone Apple’s own products.

Despite its parent company’s rivalry with Apple in the smartphone race, the SmartThings platform has beat HomeKit to the Apple Watch, and it makes the idea of controlling your home from your wrist look pretty useful.

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Smart home war heats up as Nest adds new partners

One of the fathers of the iPod, Tony Fadell, made smart homes a reality with the turn of this beautiful clickwheel thermostat. Nest is so easy and responsive that one weekend with using it while dogsitting at a friend’s place made me never want to leave. It’s one thing to feel comfortable in a home, but another to feel like the home is making itself comfortable for you. Google broke out the piggy bank to buy it for $3.2 billion early this year, making Apple’s quest to rule the Internet of Things that much more challenging.

The Nest thermostat just got a lot smarter. Photo: Nest

LAS VEGAS — When it comes to the smart home, there are two key players right now: Apple and Nest, the latter of which is owned by Google. While plenty of smart lock and thermostat makers are starting to support Apple’s HomeKit, the “Works with Nest” family is also growing.

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Apple TV-HomeKit integration will create hub for smart home

Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple TV could finally become the digital hub your home’s been awaiting. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Will the Apple TV become a hub for controlling your smart home in the near future? Signs are pointing to yes.

Apple is quietly testing HomeKit support for its TV set-top box with developers. The functionality can turn an Apple TV into an always-conntected bridge device for communicating between hardware peripherals that support Apple’s HomeKit framework.

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Link is a smart LED light bulb you control with your iPhone


It’s all about home automation here in 2014, and General Electric are taking full advantage. More than a century after General Electric founder Thomas Edison created his version of the light bulb, the company has introduced a new smart LED light bulb called Link.

What’s neat about Link light bulbs is that they can be remotely controlled by iPhone users from anywhere in the world, being Internet-connected and operated using the so-called Wink app which allows for the control of its settings and syncing with associated devices.

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Things you wish Apple designed

We showed you ours. Now it’s your turn. Here are the items big and small that Cult of Mac readers most want to see designed and produced by the mothership. We’ve got Apple solar pens, food packaging and yes, puppies — because even pets could use the Sir Jony treatment.

Forget Smart Phones, Apple Patent Signals The Age Of The Smart Home

Apple tracking patent 660

Remember those old “home of the future” TV episodes from the 1970s, which invariably ended up with something going wrong and an automated voice yelling warning messages?

Well, someone at Apple does too (hopefully minus the “something going wrong” part), since Apple’s latest patent — issued by the U.S. Patent Office — describes a wireless communication system able to predict when to turn on devices such as your lighting or air conditioning based on your current location as opposed to a pre-programmed routine.

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