Sleek, portable air conditioner uses a fraction the energy of traditional A/C.

Manage your own microclimate with an all-in-one A/C and humidifier [Deals]


This futuristic, portable A/C uses evaporative principles to efficiently cool and clean the air.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Hanging an air conditioner half-way out the window is an effective, if noisy way to keep a room cool. But it’s also a technology that goes all the way back to 1902. This is the future after all, so now the air conditioner gets the smart home treatment.

EvaSMART 2 is a sleek, portable personal A/C and humidifier with smart features. It uses evaporative cooling, an age-old technology, to lower the temperature and naturally filter the air. The futuristic unit runs on a modest 12.5 Watts of power, so it’s an energy efficient alternative to traditional A/Cs. It can be controlled by either the onboard touchpad, mobile app, or your voice, and syncs to Alexa, Google Home and other smart home platforms. The possibilities for this thing are many, so it’s little wonder EvaSMART has raised over a million dollars on IndieGoGo.

Buy now: Get an EvaSMART 2 for $199. That’s a full 26% off the usual price.