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Bringing imaginary cities to life with the iPad

Watkins holds a fingerpainting titled It's a long way up featured at an exhibit in Verona, Italy.

iPad artist Matthew Watkins holds a finger painting titled It’s a long way up, which is featured in an exhibit in Verona, Italy.

Matthew Watkins has brought iPad finger paintings into the real world in more formats than any other artist we know.

His digital artwork has made the leap into the tangible on carpets, cars, plexiglass and the more usual prints, videos, books and live installations at fashion shows and art events. Watkins, who lives in Southern Italy — by way of Manchester, England, and a childhood spent in Toronto — uses his personal peregrinations as a source of inspiration for his ongoing series on imaginary cities, which hovers between utopia and dystopia.

“I’m drawn to urban decay and architectural artifacts,” Watkins says of the works that were on display in a recent exhibit at Verona’s Palazzo Gran Guardia. “I’ve drawn buildings and cities since I was a child. As a teenager I would draw my own imaginary worlds. I still do.”

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How iPad Fingerpainting Turned This Mercedes Into A Work Of Art

The signature of the artist on the customized skin. Courtesy Matthew Watkins.

How iPad Fingerpainting Turned This Mercedes Into A Work Of Art

iPad artist Matthew Watkins let his fingers do the walking to turn this Mercedes-Benz SLK Diesel convertible into a work of art.

It took about a week, some dexterity with a glue gun and a few thousand dollars.

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